Nancy Messier

Ohio, USA

Hi. I'm Nancy M. I live in central Ohio with my husband, Michael, and our rescue 'dale, Hannah. Hannah is our 4th Airedale and the second rescue 'dale we've adopted. She came from a wretched environment, arriving at our home with no understanding of words and a fear of everything including people, doors, steps, houses, paper, TV, noises, everything. She's made great progress in the two years she's been with us, though she continues to distrust most people.

I've been sewing since I was about 5 years old and have been involved with the rescue quilt for several years. Applique was new to me. I don't yet feel like I'm an old hand at it, but with each block I make progress and learn something. This block was the most challenging so far because of all the tiny pieces.

I'm grateful to be a part of the bee and to use my talents to help Airedales in need.

Donate lots! The more you donate, the better your opportunity of receiving one of the many door prizes, and the more Airedales you'll help.

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Dee Marino

Pennsylvania, USA

Dee Marino and her husband Tom live in Lansdale, PA. Dee and Tom adopted their first Airedale, Chelsea, from Airedale Rescue in 1984. Airedales have blessed the Marino household since that time. Currently, the Marino Airedale pack consists of 12-year-old Leia (Maxine of the Airedale pack), 4-year-old Jackson (Action Jackson) and 2-year-old Juno (June bug). This current pack of Marino “Dales” is all rescue dogs.

Dee has been sewing since junior high school. Her grandmother and great-grandmother were avid quilters and Dee loved watching them create beautiful quilts from the myriad of cloth blocks that were always present in their sewing room.  This is Dee’s 3rd time making blocks for the bee.

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Lori Taylor

Pennsylvania, USA


Lori and her husband, Ron Swisher, now live with Scarlett, their Airedale, and Bandit, their field-bred English Setter.  On March 5, 2012, their beloved 5-year-old Airegirl, Reese was euthanized when an MRI confirmed a massive, inoperable brainstem tumor.  Until incapacitated two days prior to her death, Reese was a happy Airegirl and had brought joy to all who knew her.  Reese was a certified therapy dog and at her February visit to the nursing home, had received her very own Valentine from one of the residents, thanking Reese for her visits and for being the lady’s friend.  Reese also enjoyed many agility classes and participating in the HWA junior fur tests – tracking a raccoon scent trail through the woods –before her untimely death.   Lori misses her best buddy to this day, especially the kisses Reese blessed her with each morning when she woke up.

Scarlett and Ron are enjoying their Schutzhund classes and retriever training.  Although having only just turned 1-year-old on May 2, 2012, Scarlett is excelling in both sports.  Bandit is Ron’s bird dog and has accompanied Ron on several grouse hunts.  Ron plans to take both Scarlett and Bandit on a hunting trip to northwestern Pennsylvania in November of this year.

When I made my block, “I’ll Help!” for this year’s quilt, I made it to honor my Reese.  This is exactly what Reese would have tried to do – pick up the watering can with that gleam in her eye!  Never would I have believed when I made it that this block was actually going to be presented in her memory.


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Jeri Langman

Florida, USA


I’ve been working with the Bee since 2001. Without any clue as to how I could help, I responded to a page on - asking for volunteers. As with many of the Bee members that came after the first few quilts, I was amazed at the beauty and cleverness of those first quilts; I admired the beautiful workmanship and use of fabric. I never dreamed that I could even begin to create this type of art.

I started by offering to help with computer stuff and then volunteered to create the labels (after all, I’m a darn good seamstress and I can out embroidery anyone with my handy, dandy Janome)! Then Annette’s House started to unfold, I truly wanted to be a part of it, but I had never done appliqué and I didn’t want to let the Bee down… Christie Williams drew the block for me – a very simple one – Bentley flying the Kat Kite on top of Annette’s House… from there – it was Katie bar the barn door…

I inherited the Quilting Bee from one of the original quilters who needed time off, I had to learn not only to create a block, but how to assemble a quilt, bind the quilt, market the quilt and work with all the personalities of the great ladies that truly make up the BEE. This has been the best of all experience, I've learned to be a quilter and now enjoy quilting and fiber art!

Along the way, I’ve meet truly remarkable women, Artists that give freely of their time and talents to draw the art work for us, women that fret over each stitch, worry about how each block will look as a whole, assemble these beautiful quilts, work all night to get webpages ready, volunteer to get promo prizes, write out donation slips till their hands cramp, load up their cars before dawn and drive hours to get to Montgomery and then sit in the rain and mud to get the donations for the quilts and last but not least – friends of the Bee that work with us around the world to spread the message about our quilts.
Our quilts have been features in magazines as well as being exhibited at the Museum of the Dog (AKC). We’ve raised over $120,000 for Airedale Rescue and I’ve been the lucky one – I’ve meet truly great ladies and men who work tirelessly for this project.

I live in a small town in North Florida just outside of Gainesville (Go Gators!) with my husband - Ron, a very handsome Airedale – Bentley, two Quarter Horses – Dash & Robbie , as well as a pack of squirrels, raccoons, blue birds, cardinals and once in a while a beautiful hummingbird.
If you’ve enjoyed seeing these quilts over the years, please share this year’s quilts with all your friends and please give generously to Airedale Rescue…


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Pam Jones

Texas, USA

Pam lives in the metro Houston, Texas area. She lives with her husband, of 27 years Jerry, and their 2 year old Airedale, Cooper. Cooper is their 2nd Airedale and first rescue. Pam works as an administrative assistant. She enjoys reading, quilting, and hand and machine embroidery. This is her third year to contribute to the Airedale quilt and she looks forward to contributing again in the future.

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          Christie Williams

Michigan, USA

I have a real soft spot in my heart for Rescue Airedales, since I fostered a couple of Rescues and adopted Erin in 1999. During the next 7 years Erin and I competed in Agility, Obedience and Rally and earned 20 titles in those sports! Erin was a wonderful girl who I will miss always. Erin's story, half written by her first owners and half written by me, can be found at "Edith/Erin".

Our current dogs are Argus, a cuddly 11-year old boy, Cait, a 2-year old and Cava, Cait’s 7 month old daughter. They enjoy zooming around the house together and doing cute dog tricks to convince me to give them treats. They are a lot of fun and keep me busy. I now compete in Agility, Competition Obedience and Rally with Cait.

Right before Erin came to live with us in 1999, I joined the fledgling Airedale Quilting Bee. We have been making quilts to benefit Airedale Rescue for 11 years now. It is wonderful to be able to share my two passions, quilting and Airedales, with other women who feel the same.

My biggest function in this group is to help with the artistic side of the quilt. I sometimes design the general setting of the quilt when it is to be one large picture such as “Friends for Life”, “Annette’s House” and the “Circus” quilt. I draw pictures that become patterns for some of the blocks and I write guidelines for making and designing the blocks. I have assembled several of the quilt tops and have even quilted a few. This year I made the “S” block.

In real life, I am a USDA Scientist and Professor of Entomology (creepy crawly bugs) at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. My lab does research on wheat genes that defend the plant against attack by the Hessian fly. In addition to hugging Airedales and quilting, my hobbies include training for and competing in dog agility and obedience and rally, teaching agility classes, playing hammer dulcimer, hiking in the woods and canoe camping with my Airedales and my husband Greg.



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Jeanne Esmond

Virginia, USA


Northern Virginia is home for me and my two Airedales, Katie and Sandy. Both are rescues from the Airedale Terrier Club of Metropolitan Washington, DC.

I got interested in rescue when I joined ATCMW with my 1st Airedale, Roxie.

I love the Airedale Quilting Bee! I have participated in 5 quilts so far beginning with “Airelifted”.


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Sue Sencherchia

Connecticut, USA

I'm Sue Senerchia and I'm owned by 2 Airedale Terriers: Mitch who is 5 years old and the newest member of our family, Molly, who is was born in February of 2012.  . My hubby and I have been married for 39 years and the Dales are always with us, no matter what project we have going on. We have one daughter that lives not far from us. She works at IBM. I'm very proud to be a member of the quilting bee working with the nicest ladies who do so much good for Airedale Rescue.




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Jane Miller

Michigan, USA

Jane is a cartoonist and ADT Lover.

She lives in Michigan between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.

Jane is married and has 2 girls, 27 and 26 and 1 Grandson age 6.

She has 3 dogs, 3 cats.

"I like to make people smile when they see my art!"

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Joyce Miller

I learned to sew, knit, and crochet when I was in grammar school – my mother was very clever: she made all of our clothes and much more, and she taught me first to sew by hand, and later by machine. By the time I was in seventh grade, I was making my own skirts – the style at the time was very simple!
Inever did any quilting until I got involved with the Bee! My first block was, to me, a triumph and the beginning of a new adventure. This year’s wall-hanging is my second wall hanging for the Bee. Currently, I am working on two squares for the 2013 quilt!
I was born in Florida, raised in New England, and I have lived in Dallas Texas with my husband, Gene Wolfe, for the past 24 years (where does the time go?). I fell in love with Airedales 50 years ago, and we currently have two, Neisha and Kate, who do AKC programs with me to teach children about safety around dogs.

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Karen Brown

New York, USA

I am Karen Brown from Gloversville, New York in the Adirondack Foothills. Since the last quilt project I have lost my two beloved Airedales, Shamus andI am Karen Brown from Gloversville, New York in the Adirondack Foothills. Since the last quilt project I have lost my two beloved Airedales, Shamus and Gaelan, who were in most of the pictures that I have had taken since I began with the Quilting Bee in 2000. The duo in this picture are Airedale, Rushton, who I adopted as an adult from a breeder. Harrigan Garth is a Norwich who came from D and D Kennels in Pennsylvania a year and a half ago. He insures that Rushton is never bored.

My partner Jim and I live on a 46 acre farmstead with an 1830's farm house. We are making slow, but steady progress on our projects. Last year we added an outdoor wood furnace to keep us toasty warm. Gathering fire wood eliminates the need for a Y membership to keep fit. This spring we added 27 chicks and 8 guinea fowl. We have had two terriers hyperventilating and salivating at the thought of chicken dinner. Lots of adventure.

To support my dogs, house projects and fabric purchases I have worked for 39 years, for the Fulton County ARC, to provide residential supports to individuals with developmental and other disabilities. Work remains a joy, and I never have a dull day.

My block represents Rushton focused on a wise bird that built her nest inside the fenced vegetable garden. Jim determined that a fenced garden was essential when he discovered Rushton "watering" a tomato plant.




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Rebecca Eash 

Wisconsin, USA

Rebecca Eash lives in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin with her husband of over 25 years, two teenage daughters and her very first dog, Chuckles the Airedale. Her family also includes two calico cats and a hamster all rescued from the Humane Society.

Rebecca has been sewing since she was a little girl but is just beginning her journey as a quilter. She has worked on the last four Airedale Rescue quilts and really enjoys being part of the Internet Quilting Bee.

Currently Rebecca is a volunteer in her community and is enjoying her first "empty nest" experiences as her daughters go off to college and study abroad. Besides spoiling Chuckles, Rebecca enjoys watching silent movies, writing Pysanky (Ukrainian Egg Decorating), and restoring her 1876 house. She is also a member of the Wisconsin Airedale Terrier Club.




Eileen Tedesco

Connecticut, USA

We live in Sharon, Connecticut with Merlin, the Airedale and Tansy, the Border Terrier Merlin was 11 months old when he came to live with us after his owner died. Two months later, Tansy joined him and they immediately became best friends. What could better than being entertained by terrier antics!

I am a Software Engineer with IBM. My spare time is spent taking Merlin to Rally class and Tansy to Agility. I have been involved with the Quilting Bee since its inception. It is a joy to be part of this wonderful group and to be able tocontribute to Airedale Rescue.





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Carol Elsworth

Michigan, USA


Our family had a wonderful Airedale named Bailey for many years, and we all remain committed to Airedales. I have been involved with the Airedale Quilting Bee almost from inception and a quilter for nearly thirty years. I am involved in local Airedale Rescue, and I have been an active Hospice volunteer for many years. My husband and I retired to Northern Michigan in 1983, and we have done many craft shows in our area, displaying his woodworking skills. We also travel whenever possible, enjoying the many beautiful sights of our great country.


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Linda Bell

Iowa, USA

My name is Linda Bell I live with 2 Airedales (Rebel & Ellie) and a Border terrier named Levi. Rebel is a 5 year old male.  He has a busy life, doing pet therapy at one of the local hospitals. He goes to the house of Mercy to see the children of battered women. Rebel also reads with the children at the library. Rebel is one of our own Helen Arnolds line. Ellie is a 4 year old female. She runs the house. I volunteer at our local animal shelter once a week.   I love to appliqué, read and do clicker training with the dogs and other assorted animals.

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Candy Kramlich

Jarrettsville, Maryland

My love affair with Airedale Terriers began in 1975 when, newly married, we were given an Airedale puppy as a gift.  Little did I know then how Airedales would impact my life from that time forward.  The photo is circa 1980.  Trihorn Juliana, CD (Jul) was a very sweet and steady Airedale.  I showed her in conformation and obedience, then we bred her twice and kept a puppy from each litter – Baerjager Hawkeye, CD (Bear), my gentle giant at 27 ½ inches, and Ch. Baerjager Ariel, my spitfire.  Both Bear and his mother, Jul, were shown in obedience and earned CD titles.  Ariel was our only champion, owner-handled to half of her championship.  I am new to quilting, but not new to Airedale Rescue.  I coordinated Airedale Rescue for the Greater Denver Airedale Terrier Club from the late 1970’s when the club was founded until I moved to New York in 1986.  After that, I coordinated Airedale Rescue for southern NY for the Airedale Terrier Club of Metropolitan NY for 17 + years.  When I was National Airedale Rescue Treasurer for 5 years, I saw firsthand how very important the Quilting Bee is because the revenue generated by the yearly quilt raffle allows National Airedale Rescue to continue to help the thousands of Airedales in need across the country.  It would not have been possible without the help generated by the Quilting Bee.

About 3 years ago, my life did a complete turnaround.  I relocated to northern Maryland and lived with family until my little house was completed.  Now that I have my own home again and a fenced backyard, I look forward to having my very own Airedale and helping the regional Airedale Rescue group with fostering.  My Airedales and all those Airedales I fostered over the years have brought me so much joy and most of my closest friends are people I met through my Airedales.  Airedales have played a major role in my adult life and I’d be lost without that component in my lifestyle.  Each dog has left its paw prints on my heart.  What a gift this breed has brought to my life over the last 36 years!  Recent update – I finally have my very own Airedale again after 17 years – Buonaires Tuscadero – Pinky.  Pinky is a 6 ½ year old female on the smaller size at 38 lbs and 20+ inches at the shoulder - a very sweet, affectionate girl who has brought JOY back into my life after a major lifetime change.

I am honored to be given the opportunity to make a block for the 2012 quilt, especially since I’ve just recently learned to appliqué.  My block was inspired by a very special Rescue Airedale - 12 yr. old Lilly, who spent several months with me while her owner was recuperating from chemo and radiation.  Thank you to Linda Hobbet for drawing the block from my description.

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Cherice Jobmann

Washington, USA 

This is the first block I’ve made for the ADT quilt group.  I made my first quilt when I was 12, but have recently started appliqué.  I   have a pair of Jack Russel Terriers that I adore despite them being typical terriers.

I grew up with an Airedale as the family pet.   My dad also had Airedales as a boy.  Keeping up the tradition, my brother has kept Airedales for years but recently downsized to a Welsh Terrier.  “Harley” is shown here in her motorcycle wear.  My brother brings “Harley” to visit me and my dogs.  

 My day job is writing telecommunications software and I really enjoy it.  But my real love is making quilts and being entertained by terrier antics.

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Linda Hobbet

Illinois, USA 

I've been a dog lover all my life. According to Mom, my second word was 'dog.' There wasn't even a dog in the family at the time. I had a variety of dogs over the years, but I didn't get my first Airedale until 1990. I never fell in love with a puppy as quickly as I did with Henry. Do you remember that old V-8 commercial where a guy takes a sip, slaps his head, and exclaims 'I could have had a V-8?' That's the way I felt. All those years when I could have had an Airedale!

Henry was my delight for 13 years. Eli joined the family when Henry and left his indelible mark on my heart as well. After I moved to Georgia in 2004 (partly to have more room for dogs) Lola moved in. Two years ago Punch came along.

I love working with my dogs. Henry and I did obedience. Eli and I did Agility and Obedience (and a bit of field work). Now I’m doing agility, obedience and tracking with Lola and Punch.


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Libby Karier

Illinois, USA 

I am Libby Karier and live in Chicago with my husband, Garry Low, and the unflappable, unbeatable, indefatigable Molly.

My first Airedale, Fagan, came from a shelter. Because of him I fell in love with the breed and became involved with Airedale Rescue.

Miss M. came to us as a ‘short-term’ foster more than 11 years ago. Her supercharged energy level made prospective adopters blanch and it soon became apparent that her temporary stay would be a permanent one.

But that high energy level has served her well on our camping, hiking and canoeing trips. My husband and I are also avid cyclists, and while Molly has not gone on any bicycle trips, she has enjoyed helping us train for them.

My interests – beyond Airedales and Airedale rescue – include reading, traveling and gardening; a year ago I achieved my goal of turning the entire yard into garden and selling the lawn mower. I support the quilt through the  “Back office” because sewing machines and I have a relationship that is not unlike Charlie Brown and his kite.  I am in awe of the work the quilters produce and am extremely fortunate to see proof of that work daily – you see, my name was on the winning ticket for the 2007 quilt, Cirque du Sol’Aire

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Jeanette Grantner

Colorado, USA 

I am Jeanette Grantner from Canon City, CO. I have been involved with the Bee since 2005 when I lived in New Jersey. I was a med-surg and geriatric nurse when I was active in nursing.

I have been sewing since I was 10 years old. Quilting turned out to be more of a challenge than I anticipated.

       My first quilt block was for WOTA in 2005.

            2006 Friends – The Doberman, one of my favorites

            2007 Vers-Airedale-ity – Companion

            2008 A Day in the Life – Berries

            2009 Fairey Tails – Red Riding Hood, another favorite

            2010 A is for Airedale – U is for Up, a favorite

            2012 Mhmm Good - Maggie eating sunflowers

Maggie is nine and the center of our empty nesters’ lives. If she isn’t getting the attention she thinks is due, she’ll do something devious or clownish. She has been my personal therapy dog. She makes me laugh by her antics. She knows to rest when I rest. She also is a clock for meal time.

Maggie shares my attention with my husband Len who is retired. We are so busy since Len retired we never get anything done! I think I’m on a perpetual vacation working in my yard and just looking out my windows at the mountains.

Maggie protects our property from the Jack rabbits, mule tail deer, and coyotes. I like to garden. It’s a new experience gardening in semi-arid climate. I’m working on having color all summer long. The animals are working at staying alive and using my yard as their salad bowl. Maggie is also the official neighborhood watchdog. The neighbors might not remember our names but they call out “Hi Maggie” when they pass by. She sits at the fence keeping tabs on the activity on the street in the morning.

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Becky Preston

Texas USA

I have been quilting for about 10 years, mostly machine appliqué. My first quilt block for the Quilting Bee was for the Airedales on Vacation Quilt,  (I did Airedales on Safari), and also did a square for the next years quilt and the 2012 quilt.

In 2003 my husband and I opened a 50 run boarding Kennel, which has kept me busy and my quilting has slowed down considerably. I still love to do “pet portraits” from photos and I donate one each year to our local Animal outreach auction.

I have been involved in Rescue almost as long as I have had Airedales, all within the state of Texas. I currently am the Treasurer for the Texas Airedale Rescue Team. I was one of the early members of the Lone Star Airedale Terrier Club.
I was honored to be asked to Chair the ATCA Rescue and Adoption Committee two years ago and continue to serve in that capacity, I am totally in awe of the Quilting Bee members, their dedication and their talent.

I have shown Airedales and Border Terriers (my “old lady” breed) and have put championship titles on both breeds. I have had 3 litters of Airedales and 2 of Borders, mostly to have another dog to show. I still have 2 generations of ‘dales living with me, having lost my first ‘dale Juliet, 5 years ago at the age of 16.
We currently live with Airedales Minuet 14, her daughter Charm 8, and Border Terrier Diva 4.




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Lydia Ross 

 Washington, USA

I live in Seattle, WA with my 6yr old Airedale, Dave. I’ve had Airedales for over 25 yrs and they are my favorite breed of dog. Dave loves Frisbee more than food or any other toy. I’ve been with the Quilt Bee for 10yrs. I have made memory books, named quilts, and do the behind the scenes incentive promo work. I also fundraise and manage the money for the Bee from the sale of Airedale Quilt patterns. I am also known as Auntie Lydia, and that was the bonus quilt for 2004 “Waiting for Auntie Lydia’s Kookies”. You can now buy that pattern online.

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Mary Blood Burns 

 New York, USA


I have done the art work for Karen Brown’s ADT quilt blocks since 2003. I am a lifelong resident of Johnstown, New York. I have worked for Lexington Center in various positions, supporting persons with developmental disabilities, for 24 years.

My great loves include my 8 year old Sheltie, Tinker, and my husband of a year, Richard (not necessarily in that order, but Tinker has seniority!) In my spare time I enjoy outdoor activities and painting nature’s beauty. My next big art project will be the new home that my husband and I are buying this summer on a great country lot. I’ll be able to pursue my decorating and gardening interests.





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Patty Eisenbraun 

 Washington, USA

I am not a quilter, but an Airedale lover. A friend gave us our first Airedale 38 years ago and I’ve been smitten with them since then. 16 years ago I stumbled upon Airedale rescue and it changed our lives dramatically. One huge part of being involved in Airedale Rescue has been the caring people I’ve met and the varied opportunities presented to be able to support Rescue throughout the world. The Quilting Bee is one of those rare groups that allow me to use my art talents and give back to Rescue in a big way.

We have had 8 Airedales live with us in the last 16 years and fostered several.  We continue to help with Airedale Rescue in Michigan and are also helping with Wire Fox Terrier Rescue as well. In addition to Toby, a five-year-old Airedale, we have two WFT’s, Buddy and Lucy. We also have adopted a cat after losing our old, 23 year old Chloe. Bob, our cat looks like a WFT in his coloring and – he acts like one!! He certainlyrules the roost, but all 4 “kids” get along great.

By trade I am a graphic artist and my dessert in life is painting in oils. My website is:

Between volunteering for rescue and other groups, enjoying my grandchildren and painting, I’m now working on a dream project illustrating a series of children’s books and creating characters for a licensing line.

Being involved with the Quilting Bee is something I just can’t say no to! Watching each quilt go from discussion to the finished stage is an amazing process to be part of. The talent and heart of the Quilters is amazing.


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Christine Zane

 Michigan, USA

I live in Ortonville, Michigan, with my husband Mike and 2 ATRA Airedales, Ben (8) and Madison (about 11).

Madison came to our house at age of 2. She has a great personality with people but very aggressive to other dogs. We worked with an animal behaviorist to manage her special needs.
Ben arrived here from ATRA at the age of 5 months. We were able to integrate the two with careful guidance from the behaviorist.

Both our Airedales have been through plenty of obedience training. With the issues at hand, I soon recognized the value in having order in the house. Ben and Madison consider obedience training their play time!
I have also enjoyed agility with Ben. If you want to get into shape, take your Airedale to agility. I've not found a better personal trainer.
I've worked with a few other ATRA dales on their obedience skills hoping to make them into better canine citizens for their perspective homes. As a result, I now work part time at the training center assisting in novice obedience classes.
I have been lucky enough to experience 2 totally different careers so far in life. I worked for 25 years as a licensed hairdresser in the state of Michigan.
Currently, in my sewing career, I wear many different hats. I do some teaching at sewing stores and for sewing guilds. I vend my hand dyed fabrics at sewing and quilting shows.
My primary focus is free form machine quilting/ embroidery. I accept quilts and garments to stitch for customers. I also do freelance (sewing) for the consumer division of American and Efird, Inc. The company imports Mettler and produces/imports Signature brand thread.
I have worked on many of the past Airedale Quilting Bee quilts. Guess where I got all the wonderful thread?.



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