When Suzie Q first decided she wanted to be an Airedale rescue volunteer in her area, she turned to the ART (Airedale Rescue Training) program to help her learn the rules of rescue and get started.  With no organized Airedale rescue group in her area, there were no other local Airedale rescue volunteers to turn to when she had questions.  What Suzie DID have, was the wealth of information on the National Airedale Rescue (NAR) website. Suzie was thrilled to discover just about everything she needed to learn about Airedale rescue was right there at her fingertips.

My goal in this article is to provide for you a quick study of what Suzie found  contained in our NAR website, and how to quickly find the information you need, when you need it.  Nothing is better than taking the time to read the complete website, so when you have the time to do just that, please do it.  You’ll be amazed at the amount of information contained on this website.  You’ll absolutely gain important rescue knowledge, and even our more seasoned volunteers will come away with even greater rescue knowledge than they started with.

To start our journey, simply go to the NAR website at  HYPERLINK ""

On that opening page, after taking a couple of minutes to read about the current Featured CoverDale, and notice the other regular features there, turn your attention to the tabs that are across the top of the page.  When hovering over each tab, a drop down menu will appear showing the areas of information covered there.

Let’s start with the first link, and its drop down menu.

ABOUT US (place your curser over that tab for the drop down menu)

Purpose:  Our reason for being in rescue, and what we intend to accomplish.

Mission:  The formal statement of the aims of our organization.

Officers and Committees:  Who and how to contact your organizational leaders.

Policies and Guidelines:  The rules and regulations adopted by our organization over the years that spell out the proper way we must operate to rescue Airedales.

501(c)(3) Status:  The Federal Government IRS statement proving our non-profit status.

Information about Using Our Logo:  When and how you may use our Logo.

RESCUE CONTACTS (place your curser over that tab for the drop down menu)

Regional Rescue Contacts:  The most current NAR roster, state by state, of the NAR Airedale rescue volunteers.  Print this list to include as part of your Presentation Notebook (discussed in our ART Issue #12). Check back often as this roster is updated with all changes of volunteers.

Regional Rescue Groups:  Those groups that are part of our NAR network.

Support Organizations:  The wonderful organizations that do fundraising for NAR.

Become A Rescue Contact:  All the information you need to know if you want to be listed as an Airedale Rescue Volunteer and/or to join the AireSupport discussion group.  This is where you find the Volunteer Application Form, which must be completed and submitted to be considered for entry as an Airedale Rescue volunteer, or to join the AireSupport discussion group, developed especially for Airedale rescue volunteers.

Airedale Rescue Training:  Learn about our Airedale Rescue Training program.  This is a new program developed to aid new candidates who want to be rescue volunteers.

POLICIES (place your curser over that tab for the drop down menu)

Basic Rescue:  The basic information we must know and accomplish when accepting and placing all Airedale rescues.  Extremely important information, to be memorized and fulfilled.  The groups that are part of NAR are highly respected in the rescue community because of the high standards we adhere to in rescuing Airedales.

Stray Dogs:  How to deal with shelter dogs, and how to search for a lost dog’s owner.

Pet Store Dogs, Auctions, Puppy Mills:  Rescue does not purchase dogs.  If you feel you have a special situation, first refer to this section. If you need further assistance,  contact one of our NAR officers.

Owned Dogs:  When accepting a dog into rescue, we must have a signed statement showing proof of ownership of that dog.  The releasing owner must understand the contract they sign when releasing the dog, so review this clearly with the owner.  No special arrangements are to be made.  The owner is to be encouraged to assist in the financial needs of the released dog.  Read and follow this section to avoid any problem later.

Out of Region Placements:  When considering placing a rescue in region other than your own, remember there are rules to follow when doing so.  Read this section carefully.

Breeders and Rescue:  By virtue of membership in the ATCA, member breeders have signed and are committed to the Code of Ethics.  Go to this section and read that code so you know the proper way to deal with ATCA breeders’ Airedales.  ATCA breeders will want to know when one of their breeding is in need of rescue, and we must notify them.

Reimbursement:  Volunteers are entitled to be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the proper rescue of Airedales-in-need.  This section will spell out the requirements and provide the forms needed. 

ABOUT AIREDALES (place your curser over that tab for the drop down menu)

Is it an Airedale?:  Photos of adult and puppy Airedales, groomed and ungroomed, will give you help in identifying a purebred Airedale.   There are variances in sizes and colors, and coats, so this is a good way to broaden your knowledge of different types.
Print off the photos on this section for inclusion in your Presentation Notebook.

Why an Airedale?:  DO NOT BUZZ PAST THIS SECTION!  Take a few minutes to sit back and enjoy this section.  Read the fun stories along the way, and be sure to go all the way to the end of this section, and click on the link where it says, “A picture's worth a thousand words” - if this doesn’t bring you to laughter, you’re not an Airedale lover in my book!

The Airedale Personality:  Another site on which to spend time while reading great Airedale stories.  One of my favorites may be a good one to share with someone who is considering her first Airedale... direct her to this section to read “What Sit Means to an Airedale.”  If she is still smiling after reading this short article, she may be a good candidate for her first Airedale!

Airedale Terrier FAQ’s:  Anyone who is contemplating getting an Airedale should be directed to this section.  This section covers a broad spectrum of information that any prospective Airedale person should read.  Loads of good information here!

ShAire The Good Stuff:  Look here for toys, books, and supplies that have been recommended by experienced Airedale owners.  Your new adopters will appreciate having you direct their attention to this is a great section.

Books Available:  If you’re looking for books on Airedales, here is your link. If you know of a new Airedale book not yet listed, let us know!

Lost Airedales:  Thankfully, there is a place to turn when an Airedale is lost.  Our website maintains a venue for posting all lost Airedales, and also reports when they are found.  NAR has valuable volunteers who search all sources every day for lost and found Airedales.

Adopting:  The place to send any person who is considering the adoption of an Airedale.  This section gives the information needed, and how to proceed.

Senior Airedales:  The loves of my life... those precious senior Airedales that are looking for retirement homes for their final years.  Definitely direct prospective adopters to this section to learn more about the need for senior homes, and to read the stories about many of our wonderful senior ‘dales.  Senior Airedale rescues are a wonderful match for senior human adopters.  If human senior finances are a factor, refer to our section on the Senior Fundraiser for a possible solution for unexpected expenses.

Hall Of Fame:  Another section full of great stories about special Airedales who are honored here for their contributions to the Airedale World.  Stories, stories, stories!

Safety Issues:  Very important information to keep our Airedales safe.  Articles about items such as flea and tick product warnings, and cocoa mulch warnings.  This section should be read frequently, by everyone!

CoverDale Archives:  On the opening page of our NAR website you will find one of our CoverDales.  Here you have the opportunity of seeing all the CoverDales in the archives, plus learn how YOUR Airedale can be a CoverDale.

(place your curser over that tab for the drop down menu)

Regional Rescue Contacts:  Direct link to our NAR Roster of Airedale volunteers and to the Volunteer Application Form.

Regional Rescue Groups:  Direct link to our NAR family of recognized Airedale Groups.

Support Organizations:  Wonderful groups of faithful Airedalers that do fundraisers to generate necessary funds that allow us to do our rescue work.

Airedale Rescue Partners:  Those that support our rescue efforts by providing publicity and exposure for NAR.

Airedale 911:  Beginning back in 1991, NAR has produced an annual listing of Airedales rescued that year, with stories and information of our efforts.  This site houses the archive of those wonderful records.  Read and enjoy.

E-Newsletter Archives:  Forever adding to and updating our educational tools, our more recent contributions to the information available on this website have been the E-Newsletters which cover the topics of Fundraising, Airedale Rescue Training (ART), Safety, and Airedale Information.  The archives for these four e-Newsletters are available here.  The current newsletters are also available from our website’s opening page.  If you haven’t read them all, now you are able to do your catch-up reading.

Volunteer Information:  Everything you need to know about rescue can be found on these pages that are jam-packed with vital information.  For those ready to start training with the ART Program, you will find information here.
Historical Statistics give you the history of the work done over the past years. 
Here you can print out a LOST AIREDALE POSTER.  When hearing of a lost Airedale, direct the owner’s attention to this section to print off this poster. 
Found here are links to NAR Rescue Policies
Links are also here for Airedale Rescue Basics, and Regional Rescue Contacts.  Want information on joining AireSupport, the Airedale Rescue Discussion List? There is a link here for that. 
Other subjects covered here include detailed information on Fostering, Dog Intake, Placement and Transportation
Learn more about Microchips, and How to Locate Free or Low Cost Spay/Neuter Resources
This is where you can find Sample Letters for Inquiring Adopters and Veterinarians Requesting Discounts.
This also is where you will find all the Adoption Related Forms you need.
Directions on Transporting Rescues, Reimbursement Policy and Forms, plus many, many Articles on Working With and Training The Airedale Rescues
If you don’t spend time in this section, you’re just not interested in Airedale Rescue!

Rescued Airedales Survey:  This is a section our volunteers use to report information on the Airedales they rescue.

Airedale Rescue Training:  Learn about our Airedale Rescue Training program.  This is a new program developed to aid new candidates who want to be rescue volunteers.

DONATE (place your curser over that tab for the drop down menu)

As a non-profit volunteer rescue organization, we depend on donations to operate our program and fund all rescue expenses.  NAR is a fund raising arm for Airedale Rescue.  We greatly appreciate our generous donors, those wonderful people who care as we do about the lives and care of our rescues. 

We Thank Our Donors:  Here we list and honor our donors. NAR sends letters of thanks to our donors, but also be sure to direct your donors to this section so they will see their names listed.

Estate Planning:  For those who choose to include Airedale Rescue in their Estate Planning,  we provide important information that will be needed by their personal attorney.  Please direct your possible donors to this section.

Special Donations:  This section describes the variety of ways donors may choose from to make their donations to National Airedale Rescue.  Please direct your possible donors to this section.

Financial Statements:  NAR provides full disclosure of our financial status.

Memorials and Tributes:  It’s terribly hard when we lose a treasured Airedale, and many of us feel the best way we can honor a lost Airedale companion is by a Memorial and/or Tribute in that companion’s name.  We can also honor special Airedale owners in this way.  Please direct your donors to this section.

June Dutcher Memorial:  An absolutely beautiful memorial, dedicated to Airedale rescues.  Read here how you can honor your Airedale on this permanent memorial.  The June Dutcher Memorial is displayed each October during Montgomery County week at ATCA’s annual gathering.  All Airedale owners should be aware of this memorial.

Senior Fundraiser:  The Senior Airedale Fund is supported solely by donations. It is used to help pay for necessary medical care of Airedales aged ten and over in Rescue. With National Airedale Rescue committee approval, medical expenses can be funded so that senior Airedales may remain in loving homes that lack the means to pay for necessary medical procedures.  All Airedale owners should be aware of this Senior Fundraiser.  After all, their young Airedales will be seniors one day.

Quilt Fundraiser:  Once a year the ladies of the Airedale Quilting Bee produce a fabulous quilt masterpiece that is raffled off to raise money for National Airedale Rescue.

No Ball At All:  A unique concept that has been recently developed as a fundraiser for Airedale Rescue.  Visit this site to learn all about it.

SHOPPING (place your curser over that tab for the drop down menu)

It’s the rare Airedaler that doesn’t enjoy finding great Airedale related items to add to our collections.  You should definitely be telling your adopters the location of this great Airedale shopping area.

NAR Products:  Here you will find affordable items that include Airedale Window Clings, Picture Frames, plus wonderful Airedale Greeting and Holiday Cards and Ornaments.

Affiliated Merchants:  Offerings here include a variety of items sold by merchants who donate a portion of their profits to Airedale Rescue.  Purchase items you need and provide an automatic donation to NAR.  Visit this site to learn how that works.

Aire-Aid Catalog:  Airedale rescue groups throughout the United States and Canada create and sell wonderful and unique items to fund their own group’s rescue expenses.  Rather than trying to search them out, the Aire-Aid Catalog brings them all together in one spot for your shopping convenience.

CONTACT US (Just click on this link)

We want to hear from you! 

General Questions or Comments:  This is the place to contact us with your questions or comments.

Micro Chip Program Manager: Any questions about this program?  This is the place to send your questions.   Do you need more micro chips?  Order them right here.

Website Questions or Comments:  This is the end of our tour, so what do you think?  Contact the webmaster with your questions or comments  right here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through our Airedale Rescue website. 
I’m sure you’ve learned new things along the way, and if you still have questions, let me know.

See you next time...

ART Newsletter Copyright 2010 by Sally Schnellmann and National Airedale Rescue.  Reproduction in whole or in part is forbidden without the publisher's written permission.

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The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee fulfills the Airedale Terrier Club of America, Inc. ("ATCA") obligation to protect and advance the interests of the breed by providing services to lost, abandoned, abused or unwanted purebred Airedale Terriers.
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