Erin and Christie.

  Christie Williams has been a member of the Airedale Quilting Bee since the group first formed in 1999, just before she adopted her current Airedales Erin and Argus. Together Christie and Erin offer design and sewing advice to the other members of the bee, while tough boy Argus keeps everyone in line. In addition, the three of them train in agility, obedience and rally obedience. They also teach agility and obedience classes at the local kennel club with Erin often serving as the demo dog (after all, she has 19 performance titles) and Argus serving as inspiration for all dogs who have an attitude.

  They also enjoy gardening; Christie tends the plants, Erin hunts the moles (caught 12 in the yard during the month of May - yes, an over achiever in every way) and Argus guards against marauding squirrels, vultures and delivery trucks while the other two have their backs turned engaged in their digging.

Christie, Erin and Argus also enjoy canoe-camping with Christie's husband, Greg. During the day, Christie is a USDA Research Molecular Biologist and professor at Purdue University, while Erin's full-time pursuit is to eradicate mice from the basement and Argus guards the homestead against the ever-present threat of the afore-mentioned marauders.