Lola, Linda and Eli.

  I've been a dog lover all my life. According to Mom, my second word was 'dog.' There wasn't even a dog in the family at the time. I had a variety of dogs over the years, but I didn't get my first Airedale until 1990. Do you remember that old V-8 commercial where a guy takes a sip, slaps his head, and exclaims 'I could have had a V-8?' That's the way I felt. All those years when I could have had an Airedale!

  I recently moved from California to Georgia. One of my reasons was so that I could have more room for more Airedales. Since then, five-year-old Eli (Ch. Brisline's Slam Dunk) has been joined by Lola, who turned one in May.  

  I love working with my dogs. It creates such a close partnership between us. Eli and I are currently training for Agility and Obedience. Lola will compete in conformation and other dog sports, but we aren't in a rush. Both of them have also been started in the field as upland bird dogs.

  And there is still more room here.