I live in Michigan with my (shhhhh....over the legal limit here) 4 Airedales, aka The Silly Sisters, two cats and one very patient husband, Ken.

  I've been a volunteer for
ATRA for 9 years, so Airedales have been a big part of my life. Before finding ATRA, I had already gotten hooked on Dales and had three previous Airedales before adopting my first rescue. Can't remember how I became involved with the Quilting Bee, but I discovered that my skills as a Quilter were not up to snuff and have been offering my artistic help instead.

   Before finding rescue and the Quilting Bee, I owned a screen printing business, was a free lance graphic artist, substitute Art teacher and Mom. My spare time now is taken up by, oil painting, a new grandson, layout editor of the ATRA newsletter, some freelance graphic arts work.

  Probably the best part of being a volunteer of the Quilting Bee is the people I've 'met' by being involved. I know that there are several parts of the country that I can travel to and I know I will have a 'friend' there. The second best part is watching a simple idea and line drawing transform into a work of art, done by the incredibly talented Quilters of the Bee.  And third, being witness to the hard work, dedication that brings such a great gift to the efforts of National Rescue.