Roberta Sparr is a fourth generation native Montanan, finding the landscape and wildlife of her native roots a constant inspiration. She has been painting since the 1970's and has been drawing in some form or another since a small child. She has a bachelor's degree in art education from Eastern Montana College (now a satellite of Montana State University), and a MFA degree from the University of Oregon. Her works have been exhibited in a number of regional exhibits including 100 years of Women's Art in Montana, Rocky Mountain Regional Exhibit, Invitational Alumni Exhibits, and many others. One woman exhibits have been at the University of Montana and Montana State University (EMC).

   Storytelling was introduced to her through her Library Media work at the University of Montana in the 1980s. Because of this media work, the artist has expanded her interests to include the telling of stories and illustration via various mediums. Her art endeavors to portray the unusual, but always clings to reality, even if it is only hanging by a thin thread.

   In 1999, she became involved in canine commissioned portraiture which led to her business of Immortal pets. In May of 1999, the artist became involved in Airedale-L, an internet discussion group about Airedale Terriers. Influenced by her two Airedale roommates, and the stories of the list, the artist began a series of drawings that will be featured in AIRElink.

   Animals, whether pet or wildlife, have played an important role in the artist's life and work, and will continue to be the inspirational thread that ties her works together.

   More information about Bobbi can be found at
R.Sparr artist~painter~illustrator.


Project Manager's note:

  Bobbi continues to help Airedale rescue in many ways, offering Airedale Rescue clubs limited editions prints and other artwork for fundraisers... when asked to help the Bee by drawing for us, she answered "yes" without hesitation and has been drawing for the Bee for several quilts.