I live at Laguna Beach, in Panama City, FL.  Home of white sands and the crystal clear Gulf of Mexico.  My resident dale is Miss Bugle Annie.  I am the owner of a sign business which keeps me pretty busy.   My hobbies include quilting, reading, cooking, gardening, walking Miss Annie and spending time with my friends.  I have three grandchildren and two grown children who both have Airedales of their own.  Grand dale Kacee lives in Tallahassee with my daughter and Grand dale Boo resides in Panama City with my son.  Boo and Miss Annie are both rescue girls.   

  I have participated in all but one of the quilt projects for Airedale rescue.  It has been a pleasure to watch this group evolve.  There are many talented people involved all with the same purpose, helping Airedales in need.  New friendships have been created through this endeavor.