Ritchie and Helen.

  My name is Helen Arnold and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have been involved in Airedales for several years.  My main interest is breeding, showing and generally having a great time with my dogs no matter what we do.  I have participated in the Rescue quilt almost since its inception. In the past, the squares I submit have usually been designed by me and depict the natural behaviour of my dogs in their home environment.  However, I made a departure from that practice this year and Gena Booher, of Airedale-L,  was able to interpret my idea and put it on paper  and I thank her for doing such an incredible job.   My mentor is a Scottie breeder and we used to travel to dog shows together.  We would often have a couple of Scotties and a couple of Airedales sharing our hotel room, an X-pen, etc.  I wanted to capture the special relationship that some of my dogs have had with some of hers over the years.




  I am fortunate to have a very talented sister, Fran Mester, who lives in Edmonton and who does the actual sewing and appliqué for me.  Fran's biggest failing is the fact that she doesn't own an Airedale! However, she does own Afghan hounds and we have a great time together, whether sewing, scrap booking or going to dog shows. Fran is a very creative person, a wonderful seamstress and very supportive of all of my Airedale endeavours.








Fiber Artist: Helen Arnold
Artist: Gena Welch-Booher