Holly and Ginger.

  I live in North Bay, Ontario, and am a mother of two girls. My oldest two- legged daughter Jessica is fifteen, and my Aire girl; Lomar’s Shady Lady, alias Ginger, is five years old.  Ginger is my first Airedale and I love her impish, playful character. I am also Nana to Jessica’s rescue cat Pebbles. When Jessica found a 4 week old tortoise shell kitten, which still had its blue eyes, she was just too cute for me to send her to the Humane Society.  So Ginger got herself a playmate. They are very good together, Ginger will even share her food with Pebbles.









Pebbles and Ginger. 

  This is the fourth quilt that I have had the pleasure to be involved with. 

I also host the Quilting Bee site, and I am its Web Page Designer. Further, I am co-moderator for the ADT Quilting Bee List.

Working on the Marketing Web Pages gives me a chance to contribute to Airedale Rescue in my own way. Designing the pages is not only an adventure, but it is a pleasure to work with so many talented ladies.

This years quilt is amazing. I know Ginger would love to play with all the “Friends”.