Sandy and Jeanne.

  Sandy and I live in Northern Virginia. Sandy came into my life last year shortly after I lost my 13 1/2 year old Airedale, Roxie. I was not ready for another dog, but our Rescue Coordinator called and said she had a dog she could not kennel. Sandy was too timid and frightened for a kennel. (Our group is small and we have trouble finding foster homes for our dogs. ) I agreed to foster Andy (now Sandy) Airedale until she could find him a home...and I fell in love with him.




  He was a challenge for me. Sandy came into my life afraid of EVERYTHING from plastic bags to trash cans. He was most comfortable in his crate and I had a time luring him out to play. Sandy has had some training. He can sit for food, speak for food , lay down for food , shake for food...Sandy was seriously underweight when I got him, but no longer! 

Sandy goes to work with me everyday and has bloomed! He will let the guys pet him and play with him. He is a new man! We still have a long way to go. I'm not sure he will be fully trusting of humans, but every day he gets better.

  Sandy accompanies me to my mother's every couple of weeks for MOM TLC. My mother went blind last year and my brothers and I trade weekends to help her out. Mom loves Sandy!  and Sandy LOVES mom and her parakeets. He will sit and watch them for hours. They are not afraid of him either. The green one will actually kiss his nose.

Thank you Airedale Rescue for giving me Sandy.




Fiber Artist: Jeanne Esmond
Jeanne Esmond