Anabelle and Beau.

  My husband Roy and I live in Troutdale, Oregon with our two Airedales, Beau (11) and Anabelle (6).  I've been involved with the Airedale Rescue quilt every year since the first quilt in 1999.




  This year has been especially busy as I've retired to become a full-time Airedale and Grandchild-sitter.  Beau and Anabelle enjoy helping me care for our three grandsons, ages 6, 2 and 2 and our only granddaughter, age one year.  Life is good when you're surrounded by dogs and kids.

   My quilt block this year was drawn by Gena Welch-Booher.  It shows two Airedales with horses.  One Airedale is being "kissed" by a horse, while the other is doing the "kissing."  I'm sure Beau's best dreams are of days spent with horses.  Although I'm not sure he has kissing in mind when he barks at them from the comfort of our truck.  It was fun to imagine what Beau and Anabelle's reaction would be if they were actually close enough to be kissed by a horse.  You can see Gena's drawing has captured the Airedales' happy expressions perfectly.  It was great fun to create.






Fiber Artist: Judy Dwiggins
Artist: Gena Welch-Booher