Then, I placed the freezer paper pattern pieces onto the various fabrics I had selected for each and cut them out, leaving at least a quarter-inch border of fabric around the pattern piece.


  After I drew the design of my block, I traced it onto freezer paper and then cut the individual pattern pieces, being careful to label them, e.g., Basset nose, Airedale nose, etc. and indicate which sides would remain raw edges on each piece.


  Next, I placed the pieces on the background fabric, layering them in the order in which they would be sewn, from bottom to top, and numbered them accordingly.



  I then took all the pieces off the background fabric and took the first pieces to be sewn to the ironing board to iron the edges under.  I carefully pinned these ironed pieces onto the background fabric, making sure I had the placement correct.  Then I would take the freezer paper off the top, and hand-applique each piece onto the background.  The ironing of the edges of the numbered pieces, layering each one and then sewing it, continued until the last piece was in place.


The details were then embroidered onto the faces of the Basset and the Airedale.