Sue and Maggie.

  Iím Sue Senerchia and Iíve been married to my husband George for 32 years.  We have one human daughter, Melissa, who is 29 years old and one fur daughter named Maggie.  Sheíll be 8 in July.    My latest project, other than my quilt block, has been knitting and felting purses and then needle felting onto the front of them.  I still do keep active in the workshop carving spoons and dishes with all of the wood scraps that my woodworking husband tosses my way.   My quilt block is of Maggie and Charley, the Yellow Lab at the beach on Nantucket.    Maggie and Charley are the best of friends and have vacationed on Nantucket together.














Fiber Artist: Sue Senerchia
Artist: Sue Senerchia




Maggie and Charley.