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Made by Cherice Jobmann

Drawn by: Jane Miller


Straw Hat

Made: by Pam Jones

Drawn  by: Patty Eisenbraun


My Little Chickadee

Made by: Jeanne Esmond

Drawn by: Janie Miller


 Pool Party

Made by: Eileen Tedesco

Drawn by: Janie Miller


My Birdie and Me

Made by: Karen Brown

Drawn by: Mary Burns Blood

Puppies at the Fountain

 Drinking Fountain

Made by: Becky Preston

Drawn by: Patty Eisenbraun

June’s Lilly & the Rabbit Made by: Candy Kramlich

Drawn by Linda Hobbet

Hannah's Hole

Hannah’s hole

Made by Nancy Messier

Drawn by: Patty Eisenbraun


I'll Help (Reese w/ Water can)   Made by: Lori Taylor

Drawn by: ChristieWilliams


Lily pad with Frog
Made By:
Dee Marino

Drawn by: Patty Eisenbraun

Tea Party

Made by: Susan Senerchia

Drawn by: Linda Hobbet

Mhmm Good - Maggie eating sunflowers

Made by: Jeanette Grantner

Drawn by: Jane Miller


Bailey w/ Butterfly on Nose Made by: Carol Elsworth

Drawn by: Jane Miller

Assembled by Carol Elsworth          Quilted by Chris Zane

Marketing, Coordinating, Sales  & Logistics Bee Members for the 2012 quilt

        Lydia Ross        Rebecca Eash
        Libby Karier        Lori Taylor
        Jeri Langman        Cindy Johnstonbaugh
        Eileen Tedesco        Sidney Hardie




2012 Website by  Cherice Jobmann

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