Jeri and Bentley.

  I'm Jeri Langman and I live in Boca Raton, Florida with my husband Ron and our great, big, handsome Airedale - Bentley. 

  I've been in the Bee for several years now and the other ladies jokingly call me the Queen Bee or Beekeeper since I sort of set the agenda for each year and prod everyone along.

  The year's square was a real favorite for me - it is Bentley and his best buddy - Cooper, the Wire Fox Terrier on their way from Boca Raton to Orlando to visit Karen Gunter for a great haircut. 

  I use to make this 4 hour trip every 8-10 weeks by myself since Bentley was just a wee "alligator" of a pup.  When he was being shown - the visits were even more often than that. 

  Two years ago - my health gave me some issues that create big problems when I get overtired - so my sister-in-law, Arlene - decided it wasn't safe for me to take Bentley up to Orlando every other month alone.  So Cooper became Bentley's companion - doing all the things silly terriers do - with the entire back of my Yukon as their playground. 

  They just love the trips - can't wait to get to Karen's since all the ladies at the Salon make a big fuss over them.

  Christie Williams did a great job of putting my idea on paper for me and while I was working on this - my health problems were so bad - I could get my hands and fingers and brain to work all at the same time.  Susann Trandem - jumped in - took over my block and made a beautiful memory for me of the great grooming trips with Cooper, Bentley, Arlene and me.






Fiber Artist: Jeri Langman
Christie Williams