Diesel, Robert, Alex and Nicholas.

  I am Karen Grumski from Batavia, OH.   My husband, Rob, my children, Alex, Robert & Nicholas and I are owned by furkid, 3 year old Diesel. Diesel is our first ADT and the reason I got involved with this list.




     Though I have a MS in Biology and have worked in the field of Occupational Health/Industrial Hygiene for 9 years, I am currently a stay-at-home mom. I do operate a part-time administrative services business out of the house so I can be more involved with the kids but still have touch with the outside world. My hobbies include being a leader to my daughterís Junior Girl Scout troop, leader to my sonís Wolf Cub Scout den, crafts, camping and working with Diesel. 









Fiber Artist: Karen Grumski
Linda Hobbet