Bridgit, Marianne, Lola, Linda Hobbet and Eli.

  I have been a quilter and Airedale owner since 1980. In 1998, we got our present Airedale, Bridgit. She was 2 years old, a Rescue dog looking for a fresh start and it was love at first sight.

Because of Bridgit, I finally found and joined the Airedale Quilting Bee at the end of 2002. I have been very proud to have a block in Annetteís House, AireLifted and Howlidays. Being a member of the Quilting Bee has been very rewarding.




  When the topic of Friends was decided on for the 2006 quilt, Bridgit and I really didnít have any particular friends of hers that we could include in a block. We live out in the country and she really doesnít consider the squirrels, raccoons and deer who pass through our yard as her friends. They are to be pursued out of the yard at all costs! 

  Then Linda Hobbet came to our rescue. She presented the idea of an Old English Sheepdog and an Airedale Terrier playing together. All she needed was a quilter to stitch the block from her drawing and I volunteered.

  It turned out that we could visit Linda and her two energetic Airedales, Eli and Lola, this past Christmas of 2005 when we were in GA. Bridgit at age 9 hadnít seen another Airedale since she was in a foster home at age 2. She was a good sport and tried to keep up. It was great fun to meet Linda and her Airedales. While we never did meet an Old English Sheepdog, we did make new FRIENDS.



Fiber Artist: Marianne Perry
Linda Hobbet