Nanci and Trevor.

  This is Trevor’s first block for the Airedale rescue quilts.  Trevor is such a gentleman.  He had been raised in an excellent kennel. He was 31/2 when we became best friends.  During Trevor’s first year with me, my assignment was a distance away.  He had long days at home with visits from his dog walker.  I noticed nose prints on the Beta’s bowl.  My block depicts what I think must have happened in my absence.  Christie Williams drew the block and I enjoyed doing the appliqué on the fishbowl by hand and the rest by machine. 




  Trevor and I have moved from a condo to our own house.  We have our own private yard which Trevor loves.  We go for a safari each day and Trevor is sure he will meet a cat.  On Saturdays Trevor may be found at the Library where children come to read to him.  Trevor has earned his CGC and is a certified therapy dog.









Fiber Artist: Nanci Nowlen
Artist: Christie Williams