Susan and Meggie.

  Susan's block was inspired by Meggie and Dougal the rat, who aren't all that fond of each other, but have declared a wary truce, much to Dougal's relief.




  Susan is a middle school guidance counselor in Jacksonville, Florida and finds that dealing with middle-schoolers is a lot like dealing with Airedales. She is a professional storyteller, specializing in folktales, although she has a few scary stories and personal stories she tells too. She spends her leisure time reading, sewing, traveling and kayaking in mild water.

   Susan was raised by Wire Fox Terriers and "graduated" to her first Airedale, Raggedy Ann of Argyll, when she was 11 years old and they earned a CD by the time she was 13. 

  These days she shares her home with Airedale Meggie and Dougal, Fergus, Hamish, Golly & Duncan, her 5 fancy rats.





Fiber Artist: Susan McCullough
Roberta Sparr