Artist -  Linda Hobbet

I've been a dog lover all my life. According to my Mom, my second word was "dog".  There wasn't even a dog in the family at the time. 

I've had a variety of dogs over the years, but I didn't get my first Airedale until 1990.  Do you remember that old V-8 commercial where a guy takes a sip, slaps his head and exclaims - "I could have had a V-8"? That's thy way I felt.  All those years when I could have had an Airedale.

Two years ago, I moved from California to Georgia.  One of my reasons was so that I could have more room for more Airedales.  Since then, 6 year old Eli (Ch. Brisline's Slam Dunk) has been joined by one year old Lola (Stirling Laughing Out Loud). 

I love working with my dogs.  It creates such a close partnership.  Eli and I are currently training for Agility and Obedience.  Lola has started obedience and will hopefully agility will come soon.  Both of them have also been started in the field as upland bird dogs but I'm having a hard time finding places to train nearby.

There is still more room here.