Rescue Costume Parade



Art work drawn by Patty Eisenbraun

Fiber Artist - Susann Trandem

My name is Susann Trandem and I live in Santa Barbara, California with my husband of 43 years Virg, along with our two Airedales Molly (8 ˝) and Chloe who will be 7,  May 1.  Molly came into our lives just after she turned 1.  She was and is the sweetest, nicest, easiest of Airedales ever.  She was so delightful that when Chloe was returned to her breeder we decided why not.  Chloe is a very determined, headstrong, stubborn Airedale who knows without a doubt that any crumb of food left anywhere in the whole house is hers.  She also decided all chairs and sofa’s belonged to her along with several dog beds and human beds.  She is delightful; lots of fun, a real character, a challenge and so deeply loved   .Both girls are great with the small children.  They often think all small children belong to them.

We have always had dogs, lots of dogs, but these 2 were our introduction to Terriers.
My husband and I are both retired.  We have lots of time to devote to our 2 girls.  A long off leash walk first thing in the morning is part of their expected ritual.


We have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.  There are two sons and a daughter living in the area.  Our daughter has  four children and lives 6 minutes away.  They are the reason we moved down to Santa Barbara.  A second daughter and grandson,  Brooks, 2, live in San Diego.  He is the biggest fan of our girls.  Sometimes more excited to see them than us. He can walk Molly to our park in the mornings and then runs after them, in and out of all the bushes.  He has a lot of the Airedale characteristics.


I have sewn since I was 10, enjoyed teaching Home Economics for several years and played with all types of crafts and stitchery.  Twenty years ago I concentrated full time on quilting.  I love quilting.  Now my days are divided with knitting and quilting. 


It was exciting to discover the Bee and to have the opportunity to share my love of Airedales with my love of quilting.