Adopting an Airedale


This is how some people see your giveaway Airedale
  • Free bait to train fighting dogs.
  • Free money from the research lab.
  • Free sacrifice for satanic rituals.
  • Free animal for malicious pranks.
  • Free animal to set on fire.
  • Free animal to insert a firecracker into.
  • Free to a good home to breed indiscriminately.
This is why we always charge adoption fees for our rescued Airedales, and why we always screen so carefully for good homes. "Free" is all too often seen as "worthless" in the eye of the beholder.

Please, don't offer your pets FREE to a good home, unless you just don't care what happens to them.


If you are interested in adopting a rescued Airedale, contact the closest volunteer or group listed on the Regional Rescue Contacts list.

Some rescue groups list their available Airedales on websites, but many do not. Do not assume that a volunteer or group does not have any Airedales available because they do not have a website.
Please give the volunteers as much information as possible about your family and lifestyle so that they will have the facts necessary to determine whether one of the Airedales in foster care might be the perfect match for your family. The goal is to place each Airedale in a home where he will be secure, loved and, frankly, doted upon, for the rest of his life. Some Airedales are perfect for active famlies, while some Airedales would be happy with a little gentle daily exercise; some Airedales need a doggie companion to be happy, while some wish to be an only pet; some Airedales insist on claiming a share of the couch while others would never dream of getting on the furniture; some Airedales are cuddlers while others are more aloof. As you can see, Airedale Rescue volunteers are match-makers!

If you have never owned an Airedale, read one of the many excellent articles and visit some of the links noted in our website.

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Airedale Information

Each year several hundred Airedales find their way into rescue and begin new lives.  Because of the generous support of donors like you, National Airedale Rescue, Inc. is able to assist with the financial needs of Airedale rescue organizations throughout the United States and Canada each year so these great dogs continue to find loving homes.  We appreciate your donations!