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Thank you to all who have responded to our mailing this morning re: the first
issue of the ART (Airedale Rescue Training) Newsletter.  While it has been warmly received by most of the respondents, unfortunately there were a few experienced volunteers that wondered why they had received this newsletter. 

I can appreciate the confusion of experienced volunteers receiving beginners' training news!  This is the first issue and I simply wanted all our volunteers to be aware of this new newsletter I've started for National.  The purpose of the ART (Airedale Rescue Training) program is explained on the front page of the National Airedale Rescue website. However, the training newsletters can benefit those considering becoming a volunteer, and all new volunteers. 

My goal was to have everyone be aware of this newsletter, including all our experienced volunteers, so they can direct new volunteers to these newsletters if you think they can benefit from additional basic training assistance.  We know our experienced volunteers certainly don't need this training for themselves (!) and that is why we put at the very top of the ART Newsletter, the notice as to how to delete their names from future newsletters on this subject.

Another idea.  When one of your adopters is considering becoming a volunteer, please direct them to this newsletter.  Archived newsletters can be found at the end of the ART page by following the link from the home page of our website.  Hopefully this newsletter will assist in the training process for the new recruits.

Sally Schnellmann
ART Newsletter Editor

ART Newsletter Copyright 2009 by Sally Schnellmann and National Airedale Rescue.  Reproduction in whole or in part is forbidden without the publisher's written permission.

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