Mary E. Carrier, 79, of Alamogordo, passed away Sunday, July 12, 2009, at her home surrounded by family and loved ones. She was born March 18, 1930 in Detroit, MI and throughout her life loved terriers...especially Airedales.

How sad it is for the Southwest Airedale Rescue Team (SWAT). Mary was a vital part of our rescue efforts in New Mexico. Mary was a major part of the Duffs (Dorothy & Will) getting established in rescue in New Mexico after a move from Texas. She loved Airedales and there was never a dog that was not worth rescuing and rescuing fast. Many Airedales in her part of the state did not have much time when left in a shelter and she was quick to put together a plan to get them to her home. Mary was an excellent judge of Airedales and I could always trust her assessment of a dog’s temperament. Her enthusiasm for the breed and her dedication to rescue spread to family members. Her son Bill Carrier and his wife Debbie joined the Southwest Airedale Rescue Team (SWAT) after they adopted a pup from rescue in New Mexico. When Mary’s sister Agnes Boas moved to Alamogordo, NM she joined the SWAT team as well and when Mary became more incapacitated took over fostering in the area.

I remember Mary’s last Airedale was Gurl, part of a mother daughter pair rescued in central NM. Mary and Gurl were inseparable and after Gurl’s crossing the rainbow bridge Mary’s sister, Agnes, would take foster ‘Dales by to visit Mary. Bill and Debbie would also visit with their two rescued Airedales.

We will miss Mary, her expertise and dedication in Airedale Rescue.

Dorothy & Will Duff

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