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Erin was put up for adoption when she was 10 months old, in the middle of her rebellious teenage "years." Although she had been through several rounds of obedience classes, she knew that her "parents" were pushovers and that she was really the one in charge of the household. Her favorite response seemed to be, "Why should I sit!? You can't make me! I've got your sunglasses... hee, heeee, you can't catch me!" Having an overactive Airedale mind, Erin delighted in creating her own entertainment. She was considered an untrainable, destructive wild child.

Once Erin came to live with us, she learned that there are many good reasons why she should "sit." A "sit" would earn her a nibble of toast, the opportunity to go outside, or would be followed by an invigorating agility run. Doing a quick "sit" suddenly became very worthwhile! She just needed to have it explained! Erin actually excels at learning and is a hard worker. She enjoys an interesting job that occupies her mind and channels her energy.

Erin is now almost six. She and I are partners and train each other in dog sports, having earned 9 agility titles, an obedience title and a Rally-O title. She enjoys canoe-camping, zooming around the house and rolling on the floor with her Airedale brother, Argus, and with us, her "forever parents" Christie Williams and Greg Hunt. Erin definitely still has her own agenda. She pesters us to toss her ball again and again, she brings us a particular squeak toy when she thinks it's time for dinner and she gives me a dirty look in obedience class if I respond too slowly to the instructor's "finish" cue. But it is this very attitude that makes Erin a fun and entertaining fur-girl.

I want to thank all Rescue volunteers who work so thoughtfully to find the right home for each dog. You are the BEST!

Christie Williams

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