Duffy on Mt. Pico in Vermont.
No Champagne, not even a dog biscuit, just a handshake of congratulations for having finished
the New England One Hundred Highest

Duffy was born ten years ago this May. At about age three he was taken by the state from the kennel where he was born along with the other dogs that were there. From what I heard, the breeder had become too old and was unable to properly care for the dogs and the entire living situation was not salubrious. He was then placed in a home with a gentleman who was blind. That situation did not work out as the man couldn't get him outside and the obvious problems arose. He was about four when we got him. He had at that point never left his back yard. Little did he know the adventures that lay before him, but his hiking career had begun. You should have seen him the first time he crossed a stream and got his feet wet. It was really funny as he alternately lifted his paws to keep them from getting wet. A couple of years later he was awarded the AMC [Appalachian Mountain Club] certificate for climbing the 48 New Hampshire peaks over 4000 feet. The next year he was recognized for having climbed all the 4000 footers in New England. This past summer he finished climbing the 100 highest mountains in New England. I should mention that he did them all except the peaks in Baxter Park where he is not allowed. We are presently working on the official winter summits of the New Hampshire 48. We have 30 official winter summits thus far. Depending on a bit of luck and the weather we may be able to finish next year. If not it will be the year after. The most difficult trail he has climbed is the most difficult trail in the White Mountains, the Huntington Ravine trail up Mount Washington. It's a cross between trail hiking and rock climbing. He has done the works from trails to ladders, to ledges whatever. Put it in front of him and he does it. Does he like to climb? The most touching thing you can see is when we go outside. He runs straight to the car and sits next to the back door. If we're not going in the car and I call him to come with me he looks crestfallen. Because of our membership in the Views From The Top and Rocks on Top hiking forums, Duffy is widely known. On almost every hike we run into people, even Canadians who ask "Is that Duffy?"

Ed Boon

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