The mission of the Rescue Committee is to facilitate the rescue, fostering and careful placement of lost, abandoned, abused or unwanted purebred Airedale Terriers in homes appropriate for the individual dog. The Rescue Committee does no actual rescuing of dogs. Rescue is done by individuals and/or groups whose sole purpose is the welfare and happiness of any Airedale that needs a new home. These unpaid volunteers fit their rescue activities around family and full-time jobs. Rescuers are not agents of the national club. All of the responsibilities and liabilities connected with Airedale Rescue are shouldered by the person or persons performing any part of it.

The Rescue Committee maintains a roster of rescue volunteers (Regional Rescue Contacts) who have agreed to abide by the Airedale Terrier Club of America Rescue & Adoption Committee policies and guidelines.

The Rescue Committee provides information and education for those new to rescue.

The Rescue Committee raises funds to reimburse rescue volunteers for reasonable expenses incurred in connection with rescuing purebred Airedale Terriers when local funds are insufficient.

The Rescue Committee urges all members of the ATCA to assist pet owners who are having behavioral issues with their Airedale Terriers, as we believe education and intervention can keep many Airedale Terriers from losing their homes.

All donations to the Rescue Committee directly support the rehoming of unwanted Airedales.

Acknowledgment: Much of the information under "Mission" is based on a November 1, 1995, report by then-Chair Lynne Jensen to the ATCA Board of Directors.

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee maintains and updates a network of contacts across the country to aid in the re-homing of purebred Airedale Terriers who are lost or abandoned. These contacts are volunteers located in several states, as well as Canada, working to help Airedales in need, adopting them to permanent loving homes.