Scout age 12.5 yrs, the black lab, a wannabe Airedale

Oct. 10, 2000 – March 22, 2013

I rescued Scout when he was 10 months old. He was a BIG lab -- he topped out at 105 lbs and had long lanky legs. The owner was threatening to just let him stay at the pound if he escaped again. I got the call (via a mutual friend) and went over to see if I could help. The owner, who refused to put up a fence to contain him, expected him to stay in the garden. I offered a lot of options--but the owner said--take him now, or he goes to the pound. So, I packed all his stuff in my car, loaded him in and took him home. Alice told him who was boss right away and they sorted out who got which tennis ball. I didn’t want a black lab--so thought of my brother-in-law (who didn’t want an Airedale!). It just happened to be his birthday that week--so I called and dodged talking to my sister (who didn’t want a dog) and told him--I have your birthday present, I’m bringing "it" over and if you don’t like it--it can be returned to me. Well, the rest is history--it was love at first sight and Scout had a forever home. He came here for Camp off and on over the years. He had laryngeal paralysis, distended esophagus, pneumonia, a bum leg, and too many tumors to count. He was set free with his family gathered around-love until the end. Watch for that bright star in the sky.

Lydia Ross

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