I founded the Sunshine Airedalers Airedale rescue club in Florida in 1991, and it wasn't long before I saw the need for a retirement home for those rescues who were too old or too ill to be coveted for adoption. My dream to have an Airedale Retirement Home came to fruition in 1998 when we moved to a house that had an attached, oversized 2-car garage right off the kitchen of that house. By converting that garage to an "aire" conditioned/temperature controlled room that could house many dog crates and rescue dogs in comfort, I was able to give love, comfort and care to those Sunshine Airedaler's senior dogs that needed a place to go. Carpeting the floor gave steady footing to those old canine hips and unsteady legs. Setting up my office and computer in that big "doggy room", where I spent so many daily hours anyhow, meant I spent each day with Airedales contentedly sharing my office. Direct access to the living quarters of our home meant dogs could come and go with ease, at my discretion, having the option of coming into our home, preferably the kitchen for meal preparing treats. A door from the doggy room opened into the fenced yard and when weather permitted and humans were at home to supervise, that door could be left open so the 'dales could come in and out as they wished. They were a very contented crew!

Each 'dale had his/her own crate, with the doors mostly left open. Senior dogs need more rest time than their younger counterparts, and appreciate having their own private space.

I had no problems with the senior 'dales interacting. Everyone got along. This included my personally owned dogs who were accustomed to other rescues coming and going. Regular fosters moved into and out of the doggy room with little problem. A short introduction for each new foster made for an easy transition, welcoming the new foster to this new pack.

Surely someone reading this is now thinking, "I wonder if I could do this!" Let me tell you, YES, YOU CAN! Get started, and if you need moral support, let me know, I'll be happy to walk you through it.

Sally Schnellmann (using spam guard)
Woodland Park, Colorado

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee maintains and updates a network of contacts across the country to aid in the re-homing of purebred Airedale Terriers who are lost or abandoned. These contacts are volunteers located in several states, as well as Canada, working to help Airedales in need, adopting them to permanent loving homes.
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