Reprinted with permission of the author, Susan Fox
Excerpts from original article that appeared in ATRA Aire-Mail, October 2008

Boy do I have great news for all my h'Airey cousins! Mom just purchased a new tool to help keep my thick, luxurious coat looking beautiful (not that it isn't already) and it really works!

The FURminator is a special tool designed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb, or rake. This revolutionary new tool works effectively for all shedding breeds of dogs. Okay, they say it works for cats too but we don't have any cats, although I'd really like one :)

It addresses the issue of the undercoat which can cause a lot of extra work for our Moms. Doctors even recommend it if you humans suffer from allergies that are dog related. It has a stainless steel blade and sports a comfortable, ergonomic grip handle. It took Mom a little getting used to, but she has it all figured out now!

Alice is posing here with a pile of hair that was removed in just one brushing with the FURminator!

Sophie just reminded me that I should tell you that this tool is not for everyone. You should consider the age and skin condition of your furkid before purchasing one. Sophie has lots of bumps and lumps and very fine hair. Her skin is very delicate and she prefers a soft brush.

The FURminator should not be used if there are any skin or health issues without consulting with your veterinarian first.  If you would like more information about the FURminator, click here.

Tailwags, Piper and Sophie Fox

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