Airedale Philosophy
What "Sit" Means to an Airedale
By Fran Peck

When I worked Shepherds, you tell them to sit, they sit because you told them to.
With Airedales, they rationalize and philosophize everything.

"You want me to sit? Why? Is it necessary that I sit now (temporal analysis)? What is it about my sitting that pleases you (psychological analysis)? Do I have to sit in that space (spatial analysis). I don't think it looks nearly as good a place as this one over here (landscape analysis). Besides, I really would prefer to stand or down. Sitting, hmmmm. Yes, well, let's discuss the intrinsic value of the sit. To sit or not to sit, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of sitting...that is, is it better to sit and not get corrected (or get a treat) than to not sit and get corrected (or not get a treat). Besides I cannot live by sit alone. However, if we analyze this on the basis of Kant's universal principle: 'an action can be called right if it can coexist with everyone's freedom in accordance with a universal law...' I would have to say that sitting probably can't coexist with *everyone's* freedom. It certainly is a violation of my Airedale freedom. What are you, a specist? By the way, I forgot the command. Would you repeat it again, please?"

Anyway, you get the drift...


Copyright 2002 by Frances Peck
Article printed with permission of the author.
Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the author is prohibited.

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