Profile of Dog for New Home


Airedale Rescue and Adoption

Prepared by____________________________________________



Length of time in foster home_______________________

Name of dog ___________________________________                                           

Age ____________        Birthday_____/_____/_____



    Inoculations        Last Given    Next Needed

        DHLP-P    ____/___/____    ____/____/_____

        Rabies    ____/___/____    ____/____/_____

        Bordatella    ____/___/____    ____/____/_____

        Other    ____/___/____    ____/____/_____

    Heartworm Test ___/___/___

        Brand of Preventive

        _________________    ____/___/____    ____/____/____


    Other Tests Done    Date           Result

    _____________________        ___/___/___    __________________

    _____________________        ___/___/___    __________________

    Spayed/Neutered    ____/_____/______    

               Other Surgery/Comments _________________________________________


    Medication           Type             Dosage           Schedule

             Ear    ___________    ___________    ____________________

            Eye    ___________    ___________    ____________________

            Skin    ___________    ___________    ____________________

         Other    ___________    ___________    ____________________

An examination by your veterinarian should be scheduled for no later than ___/___/___ . At that time, no shots are due, unless you elect to innoculate against Lyme Disease, but the following should be (re)examined    



Feeding Instructions:
Dry dog food should be the main part of your dog's diet.  (For flavor it is okay to add a little canned food, cottage cheese, or even a small amount of leftovers from your own table.)

    Amount dry food____________   1   2   3   Times Daily  

    Brand currently used____________________________________________________



Obedience Training:
    Seems to have some familiarity with

        Sit_______    Down_____    Stay_____

        Shake_____    Heel______    Come____

        Fetch_____    Beg______    Other___________________

    Behavior on leash_____________________________________________________


House Manners:

    "Housebroken"                                      Yes________  No________

    Needs to be crated when  unattended     Yes________  No________

    Gets on furniture                                   Yes________  No________

    Begs at the table                                   Yes________  No________

    Takes things/food off counters/tables       Yes________  No________

    Used to sleeping on_____________in________________(room)


Behavior Outside:

    Jumps / Climbs Fences    Yes_____No______

    Digs Holes                     Yes_____No______

    Barks Excessively           Yes_____No______
    Comments / Suggestions_______________________________________________

Social Behavior:

    Good with  Cats_____  Other dogs  M  F     Birds______   Other_____

               Men_____Women_____Teenagers______Small Children______

    For Grooming         Good_____   Okay_____   Needs Restraint_____

    At Vet's                Good_____   Okay_____   Needs Restraint_____

    In Car                    Good_____   Okay_____   Needs Restraint_____

    With Visitors           Good_____   Okay_____   Needs Restraint_____

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee fulfills the Airedale Terrier Club of America, Inc. ("ATCA") obligation to protect and advance the interests of the breed by providing services to lost, abandoned, abused or unwanted purebred Airedale Terriers.
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