Art work drawn by Linda Hobbett

Fiber Artist -  Jeanne Esmond

I live in Northern Virginia with my rescue Airedale, Sandy. He came into my life
1 1/2 years ago as a foster after I lost my sweet Roxie to cancer. I didn't think that I ever wanted another dog, until I met this wonderful boy. He was frightened, needy and very thin when he came to live with me. Since then, he has blossomed. Although he is still has his terrors and some fears, he enjoys a wonderful life. And in trying to mend this broken boy, I have healed myself.

I joined the bee several years ago after see Annette's House. This quilt was a wonderful tribute to Airedale Rescue in general and Annette in particular and I wanted to be involved. This is the 3rd quilt in which I have participated.