Rally Airedale


Art Work drawn by Christie Williams

Fiber Artist - Karen Brown

I am Karen Brown and I live in Gloversville , New York which is in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains . I live alone with my three dogs in a 1830 vintage farm house on 46 acres. I am about 1/2 of the way done with restoring the original Cape Cod portion of the house but, I am undecided whether to demolish the rear portion or try to rehabilitate it. I work as a residential program Director for the Fulton Co. Association for Retarded Citizens to support my dogs, gardens, and remodelling. I just celebrated my 31 st year with the ARC, and still feel privileged to be working with so many wonderful people.

I've been involved with the Quilting Bee for a little over 4 years. I could not believe my good fortune to happen upon a web site that combined two of my loves; Airedales and quilting. I also am involved with Airedale Rescue in Upstate New York.

My Airedales are 5 year old Shamus, who arrived from Illinois as a puppy (he has Royalcrest bloodlines), and 6 year old Gaelan. Annette Hall placed him with me after I lost my beautiful 6 year old female, Hyla, to autoimmune hemolytic anemia. They adore each other, and provide constant company and entertainment for me. We are all managed by my 11 year old Norwich Terrier, Norton. I am also step mother to my ex-husband's rescue boy, Barnabas. I do "dog support" as part of my separation agreement. Airedale custody was more of a challenge than dividing the property!