Special Angel Blackjack of Encore, CGC, CD
aka Alice Claire'dale
Born Feb. 8, 1999
Died Jan. 25, 2011
She would have been 12 years old in 2 weeks

A supernova is the explosive death of a star, which unleashes a burst of light through the cosmos.
Supernovas blaze so brightly that they can be seen at distances of up to 10 billion light years.

Be sure and watch for the blinding SuperNova in the Western sky tonight.

My beloved Alice has left her earthly journey.
We never left on our winter holidays as she got sick the day before departure.
I've been busy with her care ever since.
She defied medical science, but sadly couldn't win this battle. She was still wagging her tail until the very end.
There is nothing better than love until the end. I held her close, sang to her and with her favorite toy, ball and blanket tucked around her, I let her go in peace.

Alice loved a party and lived life to the fullest every day.
Even this morning she made her trip out to her rat hole to check it one last time.
I hope the rats don't know she's gone.

Alice touched the lives of many, in every walk of life.

Long live the Queen!


There are gifts and then there are Gifts. Alice Claire Ross gave Gifts. Alice Claire Ross was a Gift.

She was, as Lydia has often said, The Queen Bitch. She was not the girl foreveryone. In fact, she would have driven many people nuts but that was part of her charm. Alice had her own means, her own methods, her own opinions which were often not swayed by any degree of cajoling or bribery or, gawd forbid, logic. She was her own empire, her own fan club and most of all, her own girl except that she was in all things, Lydia's best girl.

Alice could look right at you and give you the doggy finger and wag her tail at the same time. She could be Miss Independence but heaven help the person who stood between Alice and her spot on Lydia's bed at night. That simply wasn't allowed. She could be Miss Let me Hunt to Kill Vermin and then become all protective of a hot water bottle and dare somebody to try to remove it from her bed. Oh trust me, it was removed and replaced at will because if there was one thing Alice knew for sure it was that Lydia always loved her and always knew where that line in the sand was. Alice knew where it was too, but she so delighted in seeing if you remembered.

Alice was great with people; young and old alike. She was patient and knowing around the elderly or infirm. She couldn't preen more or be more gracious to children. She had another opinion about small white dogs, but then everybody is entitled to an opinion or two, especially an Airedale bitch.

She loved McDonald's cheeseburgers, ice cream, and virtually any food in any food group you can name with the exception of a few things - raw mushrooms among them.

Alice with her brother, Dave

In short - she was a one in a gazillion and it'll will not be an easy task to cope with her departure. She was part of the driving force you've all come to know as Auntie Lydia. Alice Claire Ross leaves a mighty big hole with her absence. And yet, in so many ways, she's not absent at all. She

holds out hope that what unites us in sorrow will remain the same thing that united us all in many tales of joy. She leaves a legacy that reaches out to more people than you can possibly imagine.

In short, Alice Claire Ross gave us all a Gift. She gave us herself as her mum shared her with us. And Alice Claire Ross had the best Gift in having Lydia as her mum.

God speed, dear AC. I have a pretty good idea of where you are and what you're doing - and GOOD for you!

Much love from auntie joey

Losing Alice, my heart dog is very difficult. We were attached at the hip that's for sure. But, I was there when she needed me most at the end, surrounded in love. For that I am thankful.

I'm sure she will be watching from afar and making sure that kookies are baked and boxes are packed.. she relished those days. She was the sample Queen and a nosy bitch.
Joey's eulogy truly summed her up.

Lydia and Dave

Oh Dearest Lydia,

There absolutely are no words that I can send you to console you at this time. When I read your email I wept for you knowing the sadness you are feeling. All the time and energy we give to our furkids comes back to us in so many ways, it's that much harder when the time comes to say solong, at least for a temporary time.

Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this difficult time.


Oh Lydia, I'm so sorry. I let out an audible gasp when I read your post. It's so hard when our Airedales leave us. They're so special, and such a huge part of our lives that we are so empty when they are gone. Alice was a very special girl, and we will all miss her. All of the human and furry Estlows will look for Super Nova Alice in the sky tonight. Hugs to you.

Run free at the Rainbow Bridge sweet girl.

We'll light our candle for Alice here on the West Coast in southern California when I get home from work - and leave it lit throughout the night. God Bless you, Alice - We shall always remember you with smiles and love.

The Berners
Nolan, Cindy - Penny & Odie

What a wonderful eulogy Joey, I know you spent many an hour with Alice. Because we all know Alice from the beginning (if you have been on this list) it comes as such a shock to us, such a loss, I could not stop thinking about her last night....but one thing is for sure, she was met at the bridge by her brother Andy and they probably stayed up all last night catching up. Such a loss....we are all wrapping our cyber arms around you Lydia today to keep you strong.

Pam V

These donations have been made in memory of Alice

  • Heather Estlow
  • Joey Warren - June Dutcher Memorial
  • Katherine Appleton
  • Monica Mahn
  • Elizabeth Caesar
  • Pam Vandergrift - In memory of an Airedale with an attitude.
  • Penny, Odie, Nolan & Cindy Berner
  • Barbara Durance - Never Ever forgotten! Hugs, Barbara, Spice and Griffin James

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