AKC, 1973 to 1982

Argus was the most loving and loyal Airedale.  He enriched our lives immensely.  We "rescued" him from a kennel in Grand Rapids, MI.  We were able to buy him and receive his papers from his owner who was no longer able to keep him.  

He slept soundly in the back seat of our Cessna 182 on the way home to a Chicago suburb.  On the descent at DuPage County Airport, he stood up, looked out, and braced himself against the back seat and rode it down.

At home we tied him to a tree because our back yard fence lacked one small section.  Later on, discovering him gone, we dashed out and saw him a couple of blocks away.  Every time we spotted him, he dashed away.  We finally gave up the chase around the neighborhood and notified a patrolling police car.

I went around to the back or the house and found Argus sitting on the back stoop.  His head cocked to one side clearly asked, "Where have you been?"  He just wanted to check out the neighborhood and leave his calling card.

Argus seemed to know instinctively that the Airedales were the most admirable of the terriers.  He was well-behaved, cheerful, friendly, but not effusive; the perfect dog.

Sincerely, Jonetta T. Williams

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