Duchess Fyvolent

Robert Brittany Duchess


I've had several dogs throughout my life but none as sweet and goofy and loyal and goodnatured as sweet Duchess. We rescued her just over three years ago and we've always been confounded by the thought that someone abandoned her. The worst of our imagination suggests that she was just used as a dog for breeding purposes and then let go when she outlived her usefulness to the breeder. We watched as the shelter came close to giving her away to a family with young children who were trying to ride her as they first encountered her in the petting area. We've experienced nothing but pure joy from every moment she was in our house. In three years, she never so much as growled at anyone. In the morning, when she was hungry, Brittany would prepare her breakfast but she would wait for me at the top of the stairs, worried about me until I could join her. When a dog trainer with two large German Shepherds, allowed his dogs to greet me in a training area, Duchess ran between and bumped both dogs from their path, making sure that I wasn't in harms way. She was defiant but never acted with any hint of aggression. She wasn't overly affectionate, a true aloof Airedale. You had to earn her love. She allowed herself belly rubs, and sometimes when I would stop, she would scratch her paw at me for more. It was a little glimpse into her soul, as if an involuntary confession that revealed her true gentle spirit and her appreciation for the attention. If I rubbed her ear just the right way, she let out a soft moan and her eyes would slowly close and the moan almost always turned into a snore.

I heard that little snore for the last time last night. She died right in front of me today at the vet, on National Dog Day. An unexplained reaction to the vet taking a biopsy of a cyst. Our hearts are truly broken tonight but our lives were forever changed by her and we truly treasure the years we had with her. She traveled with us to the mountains, to the snow, to the desert, to vineyards and to beaches. I can't speak to her life before she met us, but I know this dog had the best three years any dog could possibly have.

August 26, 2018

Robert Fyvolent


Duchess in Outside Chair

Duchess in Robert Arms

Duchess on Bed




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