Entered Rescue July, 2003 -- Left for Rainbow Bridge May, 2004

Dorothy Duff, New Mexico Airedale Rescue coordinator, rescued Liza from the shelter, which reported the old dog could barely walk. Dorothy couldn't let her die in the shelter and went in believing she would just be helping her cross the Rainbow Bridge in the arms of someone who cared. Well, some dogs fool you. She had a respiratory infection from the shelter and was grossly over weight but the vet gave Liza a free exam and noted that maybe these things could be helped. So Liza came home with Dorothy on antibiotics and in a month seemed to be a different dog. The next concern was her teeth, which were awful and obviously caused her pain. The vet provided a discounted dental, including extraction of five teeth.

Liza appeared to have had a very hard life...not much caring. But, over time she came to trust Dorothy. Dorothy originally thought she was 12-13 years old, but now she appeared younger. Two months in Dorothy's care produced a remarkable change in Liza. She lost eleven pounds and enjoyed short walks, finally able to walk normally and even trot a few steps. She was partially deaf but learned to respond to her name. She could chew without pain. She loved the other dogs, who accepted that she was limited.

Liza Dorothy kept hoping that she could find a loving home where Liza could spend her final months or years. Unfortunately, that did not happen and as it became colder and colder in the New Mexico mountains, Dorothy fretted about Liza. They had a snow/sleet storm in November and Liza could not walk on the slick surface. Dorothy fitted her with a harness to hold her up. She dressed Liza in a sweatshirt to help her retain heat. Just like many older folks, she could not tolerate the cold and would shiver horribly.

When it became obvious that no one was going to volunteer to foster or adopt Liza, Nevada Airedale Rescue coordinator Rusty LaFrance offered to bring Liza to Las Vegas for the winter.

Liza did well in the warmth of Las Vegas, enjoying daily adventures with all of the other dogs at the Quarter Moon Ranch.

The plan was for Liza to go back to New Mexico for the summer as it started heating up in Las Vegas, but on May 16, 2004, she passed peacefully in her sleep. The night before she had her evening brushing and just seemed to really enjoy it, then her special dinner and her nightly ritual of walking all around the house.

Liza was very much loved by two very special rescue families.

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