As a preface to what her adoptive family wrote below, Lucy came into Metro-NY Airedale Rescue at the of age 10 when her original owner was going through a rough time and had to give her up. The Belvedere family had recently lost their 10 yr old male Airedale, Hudson, to cancer. When they found my name on the internet and saw I was local, they called me to ask about Airedale Rescue. At the time I was getting 10 yr old Lucy and although they wanted a younger dog, they offered to foster Lucy for me. After 3 days, Stacy called to say that they had had a family meeting and decided they wanted to adopt Lucy. They became one of my rare Aire Angel families and are special folks. Lucy´s last years were wonderful ones in this home -- she went everywhere w/them from family gatherings to soccer games to trips to the beach. This photo shows Lucy on New Year´s Eve partying w/the family -- she crossed the rainbow bridge on March 27, 2004.

Candy Kramlich
Metro-NY Airedale Rescue

Lucy went quietly, at 13 ½ years, over the rainbow. She shared her life with ours for just 3 ½ years but in those few years, we gave her, her golden years and she gave us our golden memories. Lucy gave us lots of joy and laughs -- for she was young at heart. She loved candy, pizza and ice cream -- every girl´s dream. Playing "dress-up" with our daughter was always an adventure. Our son said once "Lucy´s like an old shoe, she fits real good." Lucy was our friend and we hers -- so we set her free and helped her over the rainbow. Now she´s dressing-up and having parties. Time may bring new friends and new food dishes to fill, but that one place in our hearts belongs to Lucy and always will.

Thank you Metro-NY Airedale Rescue for being; thanks for Airedale Rescue 911, and a special hug to Candy Kramlich for bringing Lucy into our lives.

The Belvedere Family
Ossining, NY

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