"I remember was that everyone told us what a special dog she was when we first got her. They all said "Oh she's such the best" and she was. Lucy was absolutely special and she was a wonderful pet all during that time. We never kenneled her when we went away which we limited because we did not think it was fair to her. The picture of Lucy that I love best is the one of the back of her head. It shows her fuzzy hairdo and how intently she watched her world."


Isa and Sanford Vogel

Lucy came into ATCMNY Airedale Rescue quite a number of years ago as a stray and she was adopted by Isa and Sandy. I remember Helena Epstein and I bringing her down to them in mid-New Jersey. They loved her immediately and I know she had a nice long life w/them until she suddenly became ill. One story that I clearly remember is telling them that she could not be let off leash. They had a weekend place on the shore that was very remote and the first time they took Lucy w/them, Isa let her off leash thinking she would stay w/them and that there was no place for her to go. Well, Lucy ran into the bushes after something and poor Isa and Sandy were calling her and trying to find her for hours. They finally found her, and Isa realized we really meant it when we said "you can't let this dog off leash". But Lucy had many good years w/the Vogels and I thank them for giving her so much love.

Candy Kramlich
ATCMNY Airedale Rescue& Adoption


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