Miss Madie

Miss Madeleine (Madie, The Princess)

Miss Madie crossed the bridge peacefully in her own bed in our bedroom on January 22, 2006. She had been with us almost 10 years and will be dearly missed.

Madie was rescued from the Dallas Shelter in June of 1996. Many will recall how shy and fearful she was. She threw up in the car and was intimidated by other dogs. Many in Texas will recall how frightened she was at a seminar we attended. Madie went on to attend the Aire Fest in south Texas and Dallas Obedience Traiing Center where she received her Canine Good Citizen award.

Most of you remember Madie as a Rescue Volunteer. She went with me on home visits where she skillfully assessed the other pets and the family. She helped me evaluate new rescues. She was so good natured I could take her anywhere and her reactions would give me clues about people and their pets.

Madie was also my travel companion. She frequently went with me to pick up and transport rescue dogs. Just this last year it was MadieĀ“s bark that helped us capture a rescue that had bolted during a transport transfer.

Madie was also a very typical Airedale and loved to go after critters. The week before she died she proudly presented us with a tiny mouse.

Madie led a full life and this time last year she was bounding through the snow on a snowshoe trip my husband and I took. Medical problems had been identified this past 6 months but she was well enough to attend the Airedale Stroll in Santa Fe on Dec 26th 2005. After the stroll she rested proudly on her bed as participants paid their respects with a pat and a treat.

Rescue and our lives will not be the same without her. Madie will always hold a very special place in our hearts. Miss Madie will be laid to rest in the meadow where she often roamed hunting gophers.

If you would like to make a donation in Memory of Madie funds will go into the Senior Fund of National Airedale Rescue.

Dorothy and Will Duff

Thank you to the following who have made donations to the Senior Airedales Fund
in Memory of Madie
  • Will and Dorothy Duff
  • R. E. Hill
  • Reza Novbakhtian
  • Tom and Cindy Dwyer
  • Candace Novbakhtian
  • Marilyn Doudt
  • Katie Bolton
  • Jan Wiles
  • Hildegarde Howden
  • E D and Claudia Cavin
  • James Moore
  • Trisha Theodore

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