Otis, precious boy, you came into our hearts and home after being abandoned. We knew your bad heart would not allow us much time with you, so we filled each day with the love and family you longed for, the freedom to roam with Annie and Rustie through the field, and the comfort of a warm, loving lap. You, on the other hand, dear friend, gave us back ten-fold. We will always remember your bright smile when we came home and how you loved to carry things off. What we'd give to wake up one more day to find our shoes hauled out through the dog door, laying in the yard, wet from the sprinklers. You will be forever in our hearts, Otis, reminding us to live each day to the fullest. Thank you for the gift of your love. We continue to rescue in your memory.

Love, Your forever Mom and Dad

Gina and Dave Hardy
Airedale Rescue - Eastern Washington

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee maintains and updates a network of contacts across the country to aid in the re-homing of purebred Airedale Terriers who are lost or abandoned. These contacts are volunteers located in several states, as well as Canada, working to help Airedales in need, adopting them to permanent loving homes.
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