Went to the big Coyote Hunt in the Sky on May 20, 2006

Riley is gone. He died with his boots on, the way he would have wanted. One last huge chase along the fence line, defending the property against marauding coyotes, he collapsed and was at peace.

I adopted him in June, 1998, from the county shelter, where he had been turned in by his owner the day before. We estimated he was 3 years old, but could have been much older. I brought him home with the intention of placing him a new home, but he and Jack acted like they were long-lost brothers, so he became part of the HardieDale Pack.

He was the fiercest hunter and required that we chicken wire the bottom of our entire property because he could squeeze out of the smallest gap in order to go after the coyotes.

When he wasn't hunting, he was my softest boy, sensitive to my slightest scolding. (When he was hunting, a 2x4 wouldn't stop him.)

He flirted with the girl fosters and did the big scratch and pee-over-pee game with the boy fosters.

He was best friend and big brother to Jack and Rose.

Look for a bright star in the sky tonight. He will be waiting for us across the rainbow bridge, making sure no evil spirit crosses.


Sidney, Jack & Rose
Tucson, Arizona

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