Seneca Dashing Knave "Jack"

Jack Hardie
1/31/1997 - 7/14/2008

My heart dog is gone from this earth, but he will never be forgotten. Jack was not a rescue, but he was a terrific rescue volunteer.

It is hard to believe that a furry four-footed being could have had such an impact on my life. While my family owned Airedales from before I was born, Jack was the first dog I raised all on my own from puppyhood. The search for him brought me to the internet terrier list, and made me aware for the first time that there were people who lost or discarded Airedales -- the first I had ever heard of Airedale Rescue.

Jack introduced me to the phenomenon of "clicker training" and to the fun of agility. The desire to share his agility photos led me to learn how to create web pages. The need to market the tickets for the Airedale Quilting Bee quilts led to the creation of The fact that I was by then a volunteer for Airedale Rescue and had the ability to create a web page, led to the creation of

Jack was always my right-hand man, riding shotgun on multiple trips around the state and across the nation.

All of the foster dogs who have come through HardieDale Acres seemed to realize that he was top dog without Jack ever having to tell them. His calm and confident temperament seemed to sooth the touchiest rescue.

Most of the people I now consider my closest friends came into my life because of Jack.

I'll never forget you, dear friend. You will forever live deep in my heart.

Sidney Hardie
Tucson, Arizona

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