Airedale Rescue & Adoption
Application for Foster Care
Name_______________________________  Phone   _____-______-__________  
Work phone  ____-____-______
Fax  ____-____-______

ENVIRONMENT:  House: Own___ Rent__  Apartment/Condo: ___    
Urban___ Suburban___ Rural___
Please list all family members and their ages.   (Please include live-in help and frequent visitors.)
_________________________  ____   _________________________  ____   
_________________________  ____   _________________________  ____   
_________________________  ____   _________________________  ____     
_________________________  ____   _________________________  ____   
_________________________  ____   _________________________  ____

Is anyone in the family allergic to dogs?____________   

Why do you want to foster an Airedale?

Preferences: Male____ Female____ Does  size matter?__________

Do you have a Fenced-in Yard?  
    _______    Directly accessible from at least one door of the house
    _______    Detached from the house so that you must walk out to it
    Approximate area of yard _____________________________
    Fence Type ____________________________________________
    Fence Height __________________________________________
____ No
    How and how often would you handle exercise and “bathroom”
    exercise:    _________________________________________________

Swimming Pool:    Y / N
    In-ground      ____
    Above ground   ____
    Separately fenced?   Y / N    "Dog-proof" steps?  Y / N  

Have you ever owned an Airedale? Y / N

If not, what breeds have you owned?

Do you have any house cats?   Y / N          Any outside cats?   Y / N

Please list all of your other pets, their ages, and indicate whether they are neutered/spayed:

Are all of your pets currently up-to-date on all shots?    Y  /  N  

Are the dogs on a monthly heartworm preventive?   Y  /  N

Will your foster dog . . .

    have run of the house? Y / N  If not, to what areas will he be
    confined? ________________________________________________________
    be allowed on the furniture? Y / N    
    have dog beds or blankets here & there? Y / N    
    sleep in your bedroom? Y / N
    If not, where?  _____________________

How many hours at one time is no one home? __________
Where will he be during this time? ______________________________________
Crated?  Y / N
Are you familiar with a dog crate?     Y / N    
Do you own a bigger-than Airedale-size crate? Y / N
When would you use one? _______________________________________
In what room would you put the crate? ________________________________________
Have you had any formal dog training instruction?   Y  /  N
Do you enjoy obedience training?  Y  /  N      
Do any of your dogs have an obedience title?  Y  /  N
Would you welcome the challenge of turning an unruly, young Airedale
upstart into a responsive, loving companion?  Y  /  N

How would you separate dogs/animals that may not coexist peacefully or
safely? _______________________________________________________________

Can you (do you have the facilities to) bathe and blow dry an Airedale?  Y  /  N
Do you (can you) properly groom (clip) an Airedale?   Y  /  N  
We always deliver our Airedales to their new permanent homes freshly and correctly groomed. Are you qualified to or interested in providing this service?   Y  /  N
If you cannot personally groom an Airedale correctly, do you know a groomer who can?   Y  /  N  
Can you provide pictures (digital or regular)?  Y  /  N

Your Veterinarian _________________________ Phone ______-____-_______
Would your vet be willing to work with Rescue to provide more affordable veterinary services (shots, spays, neuterings) for our Rescue Dogs?   Y  /  N               
Are you willing to ask?   Y  /  N

PERSONAL REFERENCES: (Please provide two, perhaps a friend and a neighbor)
Name _____________________________________Phone ______-______-______
  Address ________________________________________________________________
Name ____________________________________ Phone ______-______-______
  Address ________________________________________________________________
“The information I have provided in this application is true and complete. I understand that caring for a dog no matter how short-term  is a serious commitment.”

Foster Care Candidate Signature_____________________________________________

Send Completed Application to:   

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee maintains and updates a network of contacts across the country to aid in the re-homing of purebred Airedale Terriers who are lost or abandoned. These contacts are volunteers located in several states, as well as Canada, working to help Airedales in need, adopting them to permanent loving homes.
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