• Rheva Myers - in memory of sweet Adrienne, who so loved her family and was so loved by her family.
  • MaryAnn McCaffrey - in memory of CH Victorianne Afternoon Delite.
  • Cindy Berner - in memory of Ascha Forrester. To honor for always memories of Ascha - a dear friend of Sue Forrester - Wombat Bend, Australia.
  • Sidney Hardie - in memory of Heidi. Dee McAlpine just delivered Heidi's food, treats, meds, toys, beds, blankets, etc., as a donation for homeless Airedales. Thank you Dee for donating all of Heidi's belongings to Airedale rescue in Heidi's memory!
  • Caroline Plyler - in honor of Jan Wiles
  • Sidney Hardie - in memory of Jan Wiles mom
  • Ron White - in memory of Sydney for Dennis and Mary White
  • Dorothy and WIll Duff - in memory of Helyne Tercek, Jan Wiles mom
  • Danielle Peters - in memory of Ms. Heidi Marie Evelyn Auroura Stewart McAlpine
  • Treasured Doll Club of Oklahoma - memorial donation for Helyne Tercek, Jan Wiles mother
  • Ron White - in memory of Sydney, for Dennis and Mary White
  • In honor of Deb Butler North Carolina Airedale Rescue, and her efforts on behalf of Rocky
    • Sidney Hardie
    • Delia Hardie
  • In honor of Linda McVey for her birthday
    • June Haas
    • Sidney Hardie
    • Jan Montgomery
    • Isobell Adams
    • Sally Schnellmann
    • Danielle Kauffman Smith
    • Véronique Forestier-Moser
  • Dorothy Duff - in memory of Rufus. Thank you Matilde and Lloyd for giving Rufus such a wonderful, loving home. Dorothy & Will
  • Hazel Bickerstaff - in memory of Sally Babcock
  • Jonetta Williams - in memory of two wonderful Airedales: Argus, the Guardian and Argus Too
  • Patty and Gregg Webster - for Rocky's expenses in memory of Biscuit and Tucker
  • Sidney Hardie - in memory of Sam Fazekas
  • Deb Butler (from Rocky) - in honor of Andrea Denninger
  • Sue Forrester and Bill Molyneux - in memory of Ascha from Aerem, Chester, Emma & Chilli at Wombat Bend.
  • Nolan and Cindy Berner and Penny and Odie - in memory of Anabelle Dwiggins, a dear, dear friend and companion.
Dear Judy and family - Please know that our hearts are breaking over the news of Anabelle's passing - I weep for you. The love and happy memories that filled your hearts and lives will live on forever and forever. With love and tears, prayer and zen - The Berners - Nolan, Cindy, Penny & Odie
  • Zana Curley - in memory of Barbara Guey
  • Gail Boatwright - in honor of Rosie
  • Joyce Boucher, Jen, Mariah, Alicia and Amanda - in memory of Gus
  • Maryellen Estes - in memory of my Airedale Indy
  • Marlene Solomon - in honor of Heidi Solomon for Mothers Day
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy - in memory of Angel Martin
  • Jan Wiles - in memory of Angel Martin
  • Lynn O'Shaughnessy - in memory of Fozzie Nims-Billion
  • Kate Hefright, Deb Ciancarelli, Kathy Enos, Linda Magri , Lori Taylor, Fran Sawyer, Heather Estlow, and Joey Fineran - for June Dutcher Memorial in memory of Cindy and John Johnstonbaugh's Airedale, Arlo.
  • Sidney Hardie - in honor of Mike and Kathy Parry, who found "Dale" on their front lawn, searched diligently for his owners and reluctantly turned him in to a shelter as the best place for the owners to find him. When no one showed up, they visited and monitored him until they were sure he was safe. Dale, now Casey, is pictured to the right.
  • Terri Alkayali - in memory of MacIntyre
  • Mrs. John Ernst III - in memory of Delia Hardie's mother, Ruth J. Hardie
  • Cindy Berner - in memory of Ted Stevens, Uncle of Terry Stevens. "We mourn your loss Terry. With love and prayer, Nolan and Cindy Berner
  • Amy Finkel - in honor of Katy Kane
  • Maggie Cantor and family - in memory of Marvin, their Airedale
  • Sidney Hardie - in memory of SamIAm. "SamIAm, August 13, 1999 to November 9, 2010. Sam the Sailor Man sailed into the hearts of his family and will live on there forever."
  • Judy and Roy Dwiggins - in memory of a wonderful Airedale friend and companion who rescued Jeanne Combo. "Dear SamIAm - you will always be remembered. Your memory will help other rescued Airedales find wonderful forever homes like yours."
  • Dorothy and Will Duff - in memory of SamIAm. "Sam was so fortunate to have you as a Mom.   Dorothy & Will"
  • Dr. Jessica Rabin - in memory of Bryce, a beautiful soul
  • Karen Larson - in memory of Dr. Tom Foster, who loved his Airedale Terriers
  • Susan Sayre - For Kellie in loving memory of Rosa, our dear rescue girl.
  • Kim Kalosy - in memory of McCoy (photo to right).  "McCoy left his paw prints on our hearts, and they will remain there for all time. He shared his wisdom, rants, and ruminations with us all, and left everyone he met with a smile on their face. Take solace in the fact his light still shines down on us during the darkest of days."
  • Stephen and Gail Henley and kids, Stephen and Grace - in memory of Airedales Lancelot, Guenivere and Arthur, and in honor of Airedales Taz and Royce.
  • Sharon Dantzig - in memory of Annie Shkolnik.
  • Lynn Mudd - For Kellie in memory of our beautiful Airegirl Ellen who we lost to heart disease this past June.
  • Betty Delgado - donation in memory of Ann Jensen.
Ann Jensen was very active in raising, breeding and showing Airedale Terriers and Lakeland Terriers.  She was a member of the Airedale Terrier Club of America, the Lakeland Terrier Club of America, and a former member of the Columbus All Breed Training Club. Ann and her husband have been involved with Airedales since 1967 and have had numerous champions.
  • Christine Lamb - "In loving memory of my sweet Jake, adopted from June Dutcher in 1995."
  • Odie, Penny, Cindy & Nolan Berner - In memory of MaXX (6/13/97 - 12/27/10). A true King of Terriers. R.I.P. - With love and tears, The Berners - Odie (Thanks grampa for making my life possible), Penny, Nolan & Cindy
  • Charlotte Haygood - in honor of Delia L. Hardie
  • Nancy King - in loving memory of two wonderderful dogs, Sire and Sierra.
  • Richard Ludden - in memory of Mrs. Ann Jensen
  • Sherrie Weickum - in honor of Abby Frieling

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