• The Van Doren Family - In honor of Liberty's favorite uncle Rocket. He was the reason we have Liberty in our lives today and he will be truly missed by all of us. What a remarkable dog!
  • Mary Ellen Schnellmann - in memory of Joseph Schnellman
  • Anonymous donation to the Grace J. Sibley Memorial Fund in memory of Lily Ferreira
  • Melissa Sibley - donation to the Branca Barassi Memorial Fund
  • Nancy Weaver and Brenda Friday - in memory of Fletcher
  • Anonymous donation to the Grace J. Sibley Memorial Fund in memory of Daisy, Tony Stemberger's heart dog.
  • The Pattisons - June Dutcher Memorial Statue Donation - In loving Memory of Mr. MacTavish Coppercrest, Ch. Starborough Coppercrest, Ch. Starborough's Socrateaser and Starborough's Steamroller. Thanks, June!
  • Eileen Mclaughlin - in Memory of Lucy Cosentino
  • Thomas and Sharyn Sexton - in memory of Maisey
  • Dee McAlpine - in memory of Sandie Ann Wright
  • Ray and Pat Herr - in memory of Evelyn Nye Muth Dennett
  • Sidney Hardie - in memory of Clifford Raisbeck, M.D.
  • Jan Cross - in memory of Fergie
  • Jake & Donna Thayer via FOAMF - in memory of "Maisey" a wonderful ABoomer Conliniredale we have had the great fortune to have known for many years.
  • Dorothy Duff - in memory of Jake Combo
  • William (Billy) Humphries - in memory of Buck
  • "Team Alvarez" in memory of Stanley, beloved Airedale of Kevin Smith
  • Melissa Sibley - donation for June Dutcher Memorial
  • Dorothy Duff - in Memory of  Boomer Conlin
  • Dr. Paula Ruel, DVM - in Memory of Zoey Berberich
  • Anonymous donation in memory of Teddy
  • Elizabeth Karier - In memory of Barbara Durance. A woman I never met in person, but still considered a friend, and a true supporter of Airedale rescue in Canada and the U.S.
  • Heather Parker - In memory of Barbara Durance
  • Daniel & Cathie Shaffer - in Memory of Alice and in Honor of Lily
  • Dorothy Duff - In memory of Duke Hardie faithful companion to Sidney Hardie
  • Barbara Armstrong - In memory of Sharyn and Tom Sexton's "Maisey"
  • Andrea Denninger in memory of Michael Paul Euting
  • In Memory Tom McGuinness
  • In memory of Ch. Victorianne Str8 No Chaser 2005 - Gryphen - 2013 Forever loved by the Pugh family and her big brother, Gus
  • Dr. Jessica Rabin - In Memory of Rupert Hession
  • Kristine Dittmer - in Memory of Roderick T Dittmer
  • Gloria Garcia - in Memory of Melinda Costa's Faulkner
  • Kristy Charland - in memory of Willis "Pep" Shaw
  • Dr. Jessica Rabin - in Memory of Jeanne Esmond's Sandy
  • Stephen and Virginia Slowik - in Memory of Gayle Lark's Madison
  • Dwayne and Karen Rex - in Memory of Willis I. Shaw
  • Robert Timm - in Memory of "Monty" to support Airedales that need medical care
  • Delia Hardie - in memory of Tristan, son of Topper
  • Stephen J. Katz - in Memory of Nina, adopted from Larimer County Humane Society in May, 2001
  • Steve and Eliie Ziegler - for Oklahoma Airedale Rescue in Memory of Abigail, our 13-1/2 year old Airedale (we adopted Asta from OKAR as her companion)
  • Mary and Stuart Gleich - in Memory of Frances Johnson
  • Dina Chernick - In memory of:  the MJ Brothers ~ MJ Starlovers Knot (Astro)  and Ch MJ Believe it or Knot (Ripley)

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Airedale Information

Each year several hundred Airedales find their way into rescue and begin new lives.  Because of the generous support of donors like you, National Airedale Rescue, Inc. is able to assist with the financial needs of Airedale rescue organizations throughout the United States and Canada each year so these great dogs continue to find loving homes.  We appreciate your donations!

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