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  • David Perrott - in Honor of Yvonne Mraule's birthday
  • Mark Mraule - in Honor of Yvonne Mraule's birthday
  • Tom, Sharyn and Murphy Sexton - in Memory of Airedale Avery, loved and missed by Teresa and Andy Benson
  • Bob and Stacey McIntyre - In Memory of Miles Ford
  • Leo Rotstein - In memory of the senior pets our close friends have lost recently
  • Lisa Hernandez -In honor of my Dad’s birthday and his sweet Airedale, Roxi, who is frolicking over the rainbow bridge! Love you Dad!
  • Dorothy and Will Duff - In memory of Sweetie Byrd Hardie
  • Jay and Kay Tappan - in Memory of Fred Jacobsen, who loved all his Airedales
  • Kay Montgomery - in Honor of Jan Wiles and Henry
  • Marty Keidan & Team - In Memory of Brisco Weinberg
  • Maria Leonora Comello - In memory of our dog Bowser, adopted at age 6 via Airedale Rescue serving North Carolina region
  • Steel Valley Airedale Terrier Assoc - In Memory of James M. "Mick" Younkins
  • In Loving Memory of Bailey A. Guillory
    • Jane Davies
    • Sally Leach
    • Joseph Keiderling
    • James Kavanaugh
    • Penelope Simpson
    • Karla Richardson
    • Bree A Montgomery
    • Christine Sheffer
    • Jane Holiday
    • Carol Nelson
    • Lori Taylor
    • Alexis Pierce
    • Phoebe Eskenazi
    • Christina Marin
    • Elinor Ziegler
    • Barbara Wagner
    • Bobbi Schutz
    • Kendall Sterling
    • Niall Richardson
    • Jenny Patience, and members of Airenet Australia
    • Becky Browning
    • Linda Tegarden, SoCal Airedale Rescue
    • Kathryne Jacobs
    • Patricia Pelz
    • Susan Taylor
    • Nanettte Mendrick
    • Georgia Frances Kaufman
    • Life Assistance Group Auction. Love, Jo-Anne Bates, Shawn Chiarelli, K Wills Sterling, Pat Hariston, Barb Casa, Sue Mcgrory, Jackie Ike, Bob Nerad, Bonnie Crosby, Jeannette Pickard, Sandy Iles, Mj Bauer, Fran Ender, Suzanne Brooks Meyer, Deborah Hemstreet, Josh Naleway, and Wanda Cordelli. We hope this helps other Airedales in need.
    • Bailey's Friends from All Over the World
    • Danielle Denis
    • Karly Kraftschik
    • Suzanne Neaylon
    • Sayteanne Holland
  • Lauren Thomas - In loving memory of “Afton” Townsley
  • In celebration of Jeni McAllister's retirement - From her friends Debbie, Sandi and Stacey.
  • Ruth Ellen Hill - in Honor of Kenzi
  • Ruth Ellen Hill - in Memory of Cooper
  • Susan  and Jon Jorgenson - in Honor of John and Lisa Whelan
  • Tara Barnes - in Memory of Maggie Gianakis
  • In Memory of Virginia Westfield Slowick
    • Candy Kramlich
    • Sidney Hardie
  • Rachael Carroll - for ATRVA in memory of our beloved Airedale son, Buster Brown 💙
  • Hilary and Zion Shohet - in Memory of Robert Aaronson, MD
  • Chris Westbrook - in Memory of Bix Lucas
  • Mary Lou O'Keefe - Christmas present in honor of Delia Hardie
  • Barbara Armstrong - in Memory of "Maisey" Sexton
  • Peter Inserra - In memory of Maggie Inserra 4/1/09 (rescue)-12/1/2020
  • Delia Hardie - in Honor of Bobbi Procyk and all she has done for Airedale Rescue over the years
  • Amanda Benson and Julie Blankenburg  - in Memory of Cody B. Chrisman, USAF
  • Christian Nakata - In Memory of Liberty, my first Airedale
  • Sharon Bojcik - in Memory of Shea Lai 10/16/2018-12/31/2020
  • Kay Krause - in Memory of Jim Krause, who loved everything Airedale.

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Airedale Information

The ATCA Rescue & Adoption Committee maintains and updates a network of contacts across the country to aid in the re-homing of purebred Airedale Terriers who are lost or abandoned. These contacts are volunteers located in several states, as well as Canada, working to help Airedales in need, adopting them to permanent loving homes.
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