June Dutcher June Dutcher with Tim Tam and Mr. Magoo on table
Sheba getting her whiskers fluffed up
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March 4, 1916


July 20, 2001


June Dutcher owned two dogs before her first Airedale: a Bulldog and then a deaf Dalmatian for whom she got a companion "hearing" dog, an Airedale bitch named Scatterfoot Tim Tam. And oh, what an Airedale Timmy turned out to be. By the time the First Lady of Coppercrest Kennels, as Timmy came to be known, was through, she was a Champion. And by the time the 1985 Airedale Issue of Terrier Type was published, her champion descendants reached out seven generations with over 500 champions carrying one or more lines to her. Among those champions were the famous 5 bitches from the Red litter. That´s the stuff of Airedale lore. And behind all this was the remarkable woman named June Dutcher.

From the very beginnings of the Coppercrest name and line in the 1950´s right up until shortly before her death, June always championed the cause of the rescue dog as much as she campaigned her own dogs. June was highly instrumental in making the idea of the ATCA Rescue and Adoption Committee into a reality in 1990. But prior to that, she always had room at her kennels for a rescue dog. She had her staff keep them as groomed and in as good condition as her own dogs who were heading to the show rings. You could walk down the kennel rows and see standing side by side, a Coppercrest dog in immaculate show coat and a rescue dog who had also been groomed to the nines by one of June´s kennel staff. As she cut back on her breeding programs, more and more spaces were filled by rescues who were helped to find new homes or kept by June to live out their days being cared for with love. She often paid all their medical expenses out of her own pocket and would not rest until she had the best vet she could find on the case or had answers she liked. Just like her Airedales, June could be tough and expected the best for all the dogs, whether a Champion or a rescue. She gave freely of her time and money to many things; from her own dogs, to the rescues she helped, to her helpers at the kennel, many of whom came to look upon her as family. She had a generosity of spirit and a great sense of humor coupled with a no nonsense approach to life. And through it all she always said: it´s all about the dogs. She meant them all, whether show dog or home companion or a rescue down on its luck whom she?d driven miles to pick up from unfortunate circumstances. It´s all about the dogs.

I am so glad to have found this web site. My husband David and I got Gussie from June when our first Airedale died at 14-years-old. Gussie is now 13. What a great lady June was. We kept in touch with her regularly and she always welcomed us into her home---which was immaculate. I've never seen a place that clean in my whole life. We are Airedale crazy and I loved to walk up and down the rows of kennel spots looking at all the dogs. She used to keep Gussie for us when we went away and my dog was so spoiled that June had to get up in the middle of the night to quiet her. But, she kept housing her for us. God Bless her and I'm sure she is with God and all those whose lives she touched.

Stefanie Stolinsky, PhD, QME

I was a good friend of June´s for quite awhile when I lived in Southern California. She and Sandy Pesota taught me much of what I know of Airedales. (Six rescue Airedales later)!

Thank you,
Best regards,
Robert Bannon
Arlington, Virginia

I had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting June in 1995 when she invited me to her kennels to meet a rescued dog that she just "may" allow me to adopt if we "did well together." I had no knowledge of the fame of June or of her Airedales, I just knew that this was a woman who loved the breed and was obviously quite successful in the show ring! She introduced me to Jimbo (later Jake) and she then interrogated me on what I knew about Airedales and how I was going to care for this dog. At the end of the afternoon she allowed me to take Jake home and paid me the highest complement of all by telling me that I was half Airedale! Nothing could be greater praise! Sadly, Jake passed just four years later, but he brought me such joy and a wonderful memory of a great lady!

Christine Lamb
Charlotte, North Carolina

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