In loving memory of Lynn Anderson of Belmont, CA
September 19, 1945 -- January 31, 2004

Lynn was woman of great intellect, curiosity and artistic talent. She loved music, poetry, flowers and animals, especially her beloved Airedales, Hanna and Gabby, and her Parrot, Samantha.

Lynn will be deeply missed by Marc, her husband of twenty five years, by her step children Chris Anderson, Susan Hogle, Marcy Jordan and Greg Anderson, by her step mother, Rose Weissman; brother Don Weissman; sister-in law, Anita Weissman; nieces Lorie Truskowski and Elizabeth Sprague; nephew Greg Weissman and by a vast circle of friends from all walks of her life.

Lynn was a trusted and loyal friend who always shared her compassion, wisdom and wonderful sense of humor with those around her. She touched everyone who knew her in a very special way and will live on in each of them by virtue of that impact. She will be greatly missed by her family and all of her friends.

I am her step daughter in law and was with Marc when she passed at the


Lynn had overcome many obstacles in her life and had really evolved as a person. She had a great perspective on life, I considered her a friend.

My son is her step grandchild and we are the only local family (besides Fed Ex employees) that she had. My son Ryan liked her very much and always thought of her whenever he would see any kind of farm animal art, as everyone knows she liked cows, pigs, etc. She was very generous with us and considered me like a daughter.

We were attending the Sting concert together on Feb 18th which is what she asked for as a Christmas gift. I have missed her every day.

Lisa M. Anderson

I heard about Lynn as a legendary Sales Exec, before I ever met her when she was a Sales Rep in SAT for FedEx in the early 80's and i in HOU.

Ten years later I had the pleasure of working with her in the Bay Area and truly grew to appreciate her talent as a worldclass spotter, recruiter and developer of sales talent.

We have lost one of our best, but i believe she is busily paving the way for the rest of us on the other side of life as we know it.

Lynn, i salute you.

Rob Shirley

I worked for Lynn a few years ago. Lynn was not only my manager but became my friend and was an inspiration to me.

Lynn, I love you and miss you very much.


My name is Kassandra Sprague. I am Lynn's Great-niece. I only saw her two maybe three times a year but when I did I remember always laughing. She would share her advice about college and the importance of a stable carrer. She would also say how important it was to enjoy every bit of life, even the hard times like this. I know Aunt Lynn would not want us to cry and be sad over her passing but to remember the good times and memeories we had with her. And every time I hear that little voice in the back of my mind telling me to push myself just a little bot further I know that will be Aunt Lynn giving her insperational wisdom lilke she always did. I love you and will forever miss you.

Kassandra Dawn Sprague

Lynn was the love of my life and my guiding light. I miss her terribly.

Marc Anderson

I have worked with Lynn's husband, Marc, for the last ten years, but only met Lynn, face-to-face, within the last few years. My first contact with Lynn was through the eyes of Marc, who spoke of her often on business trips we took together. He told me about her great love of poetry and learning in general, all of the coursework she took while remaining more than fully occupied at work and her many hours of volunteer work. Those of us who travel with him have been treated to seeing pictures of Lynn, the dogs, Gabby and Hannah, and the parrot, Sam, which he always carries with him, and hearing stories of Lynn's latest class work, home remodeling and the dogs' adventures. It was obvious Marc and Lynn were a match, that he admired and respected her and that he loved her and their life together.

I first met Lynn by email when, knowing from Marc that she wrote and read poetry, I inquired whether she was familiar with a poem by Yeats of which I only had a portion. I wanted to read the entire poem. As if all she had to do was research my inquiry, she took that small excerpt, found the whole poem, gave me the citation and made recommendations for books on Yeats for my further reading pleasure. I met Lynn in person shortly thereafter and again on just two other occasions before she died. After each of our meetings, I found that I wished I had been able to talk with her longer, learn more about her inspirations and aspirations and take away with me t he spark that I had seen for years as Marc spoke of her and that I saw when I finally met her.

Through Marc, her family and friends, I hope to continue to learn about Lynn and her life and let her inspire me to be the best person I can be.

Donna Schmidt

Lynn was my brother's wife. She will not be forgotten as a member of our family. It is hard to believe that she is gone. Everyday I visualize her smile and think of her attitude about making a better life for herself and those around her. I know she is watching over us now and telling us to go out and enjoy each day as it comes.

Ann Tate

Lynn warmly welcomed me onto her team in 1988, which was the beginning of my 12 year career with FedEx. While I only worked for Lynn for two years, she remained a friend since this time. Lynn inspired me to grow and was truly a mentor that I shall never forget. We had plans to get together and it is hard to believe I cannot call her anymore. I agree that she is paving the way for us in another place. Lynn was one of the good ones.

Stacy Roth

I am Don Weissman, Lynn's brother (13 years older). Lynn & I shared parents, uncles, aunts & cousins. We shared growing up as sister & brother and sharing a large and extended family.

As Lynn's older brother I am proud of her life and the kind of woman she was. As Lynn's older brother I always looked out for her, and her passing is more painful than I can express. I shall miss her so very much.

I knew her longer than any one and I shall miss her longer than any one.

Don Weissman

Lynn and I were friends for ten years or so. I loved her warmth, her honesty, her deep and gentle support for me when my husband died, her creative and intellectual accomplishments and aspirations, and most of all her incredible wit and sense of humor. I shall miss her terribly always.

Katherine Jensen

I first met Lynn several years ago in a Monday night class. We have continued to run into each other every few months. What I remember about Lynn is her sense of humor and her wonderful laugh. She was warm, funny, intelligent, and very spiritual-- and she will be missed.

Katie Flynn

I developed a very close professional and personal relationship with Lynn when I was aligned to her FedEx Sales Team in the early 90s. I feel truly blessed to have experienced her generous nature and open attitude. Her door was always open to me and I could talk to Lynn about anything. I treasure the memory of her and our friendship. She was very special spirit and she will always live in my heart.

God bless you, Lynn.

Gina Khoo

I first met Lynn in 1987 when my two partners and I were starting an innovative new catalog concept called Calyx & Corolla. The idea was to ship fresh flowers directly to the consumer from the grower via Fedex. Lynn was the only person at Fedex who understood our concept and believed in the three of us.

From a very close working relationship developed an even closer friendship which we maintained even though I moved away from the Bay Area back to Maine 9 years ago. Lynn and I had a very special friendship. We both loved the TV show "Touched by an Angel" and referred to each other as "angel girls" because we had helped each other through very difficult times. Most recently, in 2001, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I received literally hundreds of notes and letters, but the one written by Lynn was the one that most touched my heart and gave me encouragement.

She is truly an angel who touched my life in a most meaningful way. I will miss her and I will always treasure our friendship.

Fran Philip, South Freeport, Maine

I was Lynn's step-daughter. She was a wonderful friend and a generous person. She loved learning, animals, all things spiritual, and shopping! With Lynn you never had to wonder what she was thinking, she always let you know what was on her mind. She had a rich sense of humor and always had a positive outlook on life. She overcame so many adversities and still kept a positive outlook and never lost the faith that everything would be all right. She was a good friend and I shall miss her everyday. I'm glad I had the chance to know her.

Susan Andrson Hogle

I am the son of Marc's sister, Jane. In reading the memorials to Lynn it is very obvious that Lynn touched many peoples' lives in very positive and very significant ways.

Briefly what I know of Lynn in the 25 years that I've known her is:

She was dedicated to and loved her husband
She was dedicated to and loved her dogs
She was dedicated to and loved her work and her coworkers
She was dedicated to and loved to improve upon herself
She was dedicated to and loved to help others to improve upon themselves

Anyone that crossed paths with Lynn should feel lucky to have spent time with her. I know she will be dearly missed.

Mike Carey

I am Marc Anderson's cousin. I met Lynn in the early 1980s when she and Marc were visiting Houston. I especially admire her work with Alcoholics Anonymous in the prisons, something that few people do.

Ed O'Rourke

Dear Lynn, if you are watching from heaven please know that Hannah and I miss you terribly. We are so lonely. They boat you wanted me to have so much has now been named the "Lynnellen". We will cherish you forever.


Your husband Marc and your sweet airedale, Hannah

In life, looking back can be counter productive. However, with Lynn's passing I find it hard not to look back at her most interesting life and my relationship with her. It's been four months since her death and my thoughts continually turn to her. It's an emotion I didn't expect to have.

My father is Don Weissman, he was Lynn's big brother. Although related by blood I only knew Lynn from afar. While not by design it had more to do with a fractured family structure, and geographic distance. However, since her death, and especially since her memorial, where so many people said so many kind and respectful words about her, I find myself regretful I didn't know Lynn better.

I knew Lynn well enough to know she struggled in life, and possessed an overwhelming sense of herself and the idea that life is a work in progress and anything is possible. I knew Lynn well enough to know that she struggled and over came many inner demons. I knew Lynn well enough to know that she loved life and the people around her. Lynn had an amazing ability to see the inner workings of people, and identify the subtle nuances that comprised them. I knew Lynn well enough to know she possessed a keen intuition and an understanding of the spiritual world. And though I know all these things about my Aunt, I regret that I never really knew Lynn. I regret that it took her death to discover how many lives she touched, and how those who "really" knew her cared about her. Because in the end Lynn Anderson was much more than just my Aunt, and my Father's little sister. She was a larger than life person who touched so many others lives.

Yes, I knew Lynn Anderson, but not well enough, and for that I'm sorry.

Lynn, I'm grateful you were in my life.

Greg Weissman

Lynn, tomorrow June 9 is our 26th wedding anniversary. I think of you every day and tomorrow will be a special day for me. I wish you could be here to share it with me.I miss you so much. You will be in my thoughts every day as long as I live.

Your loving husband, Marc

Lynn, Sunday September 19 is your 59th birthday. I never thought I would be without you on this date. I have just returned from Honolulu where many members of my family celebrated mass at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and spread your ashes into the Pacific Ocean as you requested. I will post a description of the service on your website.

We will miss you forever and will pray for your soul.

your husband, Marc

Yesterday on August 29 at sunset on the beach on the island of Oahu, Lynn's ashes accompanied by rose petals were spread in the Pacific Ocean giving her at last the freedom she so long sought. Fifteen members of the Anderson family were in attendance, including her husband Marc and Father Michael Walker. The Ceremony and Mass were held on a little oasis of grass and palm trees next to the breakwater close to the Hilton Hawaiian Village and concluded just as the sun sank into the Pacific Ocean. It was a beautiful Hawaiian evening that Lynn would have loved with a soft breeze and a few clouds on the Horizon. We will miss her forever and pray for her soul.


Dear Lynn, so much has happened since your passing and we all miss you for our own reasons. Of your many attributes, I miss most the conversations we would have over anything and everything. You helped me to deal with my own problems and appreciated your trust in letting me help with yours. Im sure you are in good company now and have all the answers to those unsolved mysteries. Enjoy the view and just know that you are in our hearts and prayers and only a thought away.

Love Robert Owlett

If I could tell Lynn anything it would be that I loved her. But she would just say, "I know". So I picture her smiling at me in that knowing way. She had all of this very classy elegance with so much excitement and light beneath . I will always remember her beauty (inside and out!), poise, grace, kindness, humor, loyalty, friendship, integrity, and nurturing. She is and will continue to be a role model for me in as I explore my choices in life as they relate to womanhood, sprituality, art, work, and more things I haven't even probably begun to consider. I certainly was blessed to have Lynn as my manager at FedEx. Can you imagine receiving such rare gifts from a boss? Though I had no idea how short our time on earth was going to be together, I have an amazing treasure chest of inspiration from her. I love Lynn and everything that she stood for. I love that I feel I know what she accomplished here is truly wonderful and meaningful and inspirational. And we all have that, forever. God Bless Lynn Anderson.

Celeste Gronda


Lynn, it is your 60th birthday on Monday. I hope you are resting in peace. I miss you more every day. Your loving husband.



Lynn, it has now been three years since I lost you. I lost Hannah last year too. I pray that you, Gabby and Hannah are all together now and are at peace. Samantha is still the same funny bird we loved. She has a new friend Franklin, our neighbors airedale who I adopted when they moved to Australia. He is a wonderful dog and has been a great comfort to me. However, he developed a very serious skin cancer and I will lose him sometime in the near future too. You are part of my life every day. I think of when we met in Los Angeles and our wonderful and the difficult times together as well as our first dogs Matilda and Angus and how much you loved them too. It will be our 28th anniversary in May and I am so sad that I will be without you then.

Love, Marc

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